Best LoL Champions For Beginners 2023

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Released way back in 2009, League Of Legends still boasts more than 150 million players every month. With thousands of players joining the game every day, the game is expanding at an astounding rate. If you’re new just like them, you might wonder what champion to play with at first. Well, don’t worry anymore for presents you the best champions for beginners on LoL.

Best Champions For Beginners on LoL


Garen is one of the easiest champions a beginner can learn and master on League Of Legends. This champion is usually deployed when playing top. With the right build, Garen can not only sustain a lot of damage tanking for his team but can also dish out a decent amount of damage as well. Garen’s abilities don’t require any mana so you can spam them as much as you want. His passive ability also helps you to regenerate health when out of combat for a while. Overall, Garen is a quite forgiving champion- something that newer players can make use of.

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  1. Decisive Strike (Q): Garen’s next basic attack deals bonus damage and silences the target for a short duration.
  2. Courage (W): Garen gains bonus armor and magic resistance for a short time, reducing incoming damage.
  3. Judgment (E): Garen spins rapidly, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies over several seconds. During this time, Garen is immune to slows and gains increased movement speed.
  4. Demacian Justice (R): Garen targets an enemy champion and deals massive true damage, scaling with the target’s missing health.

Passive: Perseverance – Garen regenerates a portion of his maximum health per second if he has not taken damage from enemy champions recently.


Malphite is another champion that newer players can pick up when playing top. He is a pretty diverse champion that is not only powerful but also offers crowd control and decent mobility. Once you learn how to disrupt teamfights with Malfight (see what we did there?), you can be quite the headache for the enemy team.

Malphite, Shard of the Monolith - League of Legends


  1. Seismic Shard (Q): Malphite sends a shard of earth towards a target, dealing damage and slowing their movement speed. If Malphite’s passive shield is up, this ability also refunds mana.
  2. Brutal Strikes (W): Malphite gains bonus armor and increases his basic attack damage for a short duration. While this ability is active, his basic attacks deal splash damage to nearby enemies.
  3. Ground Slam (E): Malphite slams the ground, dealing damage to nearby enemies and reducing their attack speed for a short duration.
  4. Unstoppable Force (R): Malphite charges towards a target location, dealing damage and knocking up all enemies in his path. The knock-up duration increases based on how far he travels.

Passive: Granite Shield – Malphite gains a shield based on a percentage of his maximum mana whenever he takes damage.

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Miss Fortune

If AD Carry is the role you’re going for as your role of choice, then it doesn’t get any better than Miss Fortune. When looking for AD champions for beginners on LoL, you would want something that comes with a simple kit – much like Miss Fortune. With Miss Fortune, you can get out of sticky situations using your abilities that offer you mobility and crowd control. You can also poke the enemies a lot during laning phase with your abilities.

Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter - League of Legends


  1. Double Up (Q): Miss Fortune fires a shot at a target enemy, dealing physical damage and bouncing to another enemy behind them. The second hit also applies on-hit effects and Love Tap.
  2. Strut (W): Miss Fortune gains bonus movement speed after not taking damage for a short time. This ability also passively increases her attack speed.
  3. Make It Rain (E): Miss Fortune rains down bullets in an area, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies hit for a short duration.
  4. Bullet Time (R): Miss Fortune channels for a few seconds, firing a barrage of bullets in a cone in front of her. The bullets deal physical damage to all enemies hit, with the damage increasing the longer she channels.

Passive: Love Tap – Miss Fortune’s basic attacks apply bonus damage to targets already affected by her abilities.


Captain Teemo is on duty here! This one might be a bit of a quirky pick but we would recommend it nonetheless. If you’re someone who loves playing a little sneaky, then Teemo is the right champion for you. With Teemo, you can shrug off enemies as well with your abilities and outrun them. An insanely low cooldown on the ultimate means you can keep spamming and harassing your enemies with it.

Teemo, the Swift Scout - League of Legends


  1. Blinding Dart (Q): Teemo fires a dart at a target enemy, dealing magic damage and blinding them for a short duration, causing their basic attacks to miss.
  2. Move Quick (W): Teemo gains bonus movement speed for a short duration, and the bonus is increased if he hasn’t taken damage from enemy champions recently.
  3. Toxic Trap (E): Teemo places a mushroom trap on the ground, which explodes if an enemy steps on it, dealing area of effect magic damage and slowing all enemies hit.
  4. Noxious Trap (R): Teemo places a larger mushroom trap on the ground, which deals damage when enemies step over it and slows them.

Passive: Toxic Shot – Teemo’s basic attacks poison his target, dealing damage over time for a few seconds.


If playing mid is your starting role, you can surely consider picking up Annie. This cute little kid is bound to dish out tons of damage and stun enemies. Her ability kit also allows her to take reduced damage and offer magic resistance during laning phase.

Annie, the Dark Child - League of Legends


  1. Disintegrate (Q): Annie fires a bolt of fire at a target enemy, dealing magic damage. If the target is killed by this ability, she gains back the mana cost and the ability’s cooldown is refunded.
  2. Incinerate (W): Annie unleashes a cone of fire, dealing magic damage to all enemies in front of her.
  3. Molten Shield (E): Annie gains a shield, bonus armor and magic resistance for a short duration. Enemies that attack her while the shield is active take magic damage.
  4. Summon Tibbers (R): Annie summons Tibbers, a large bear, to the target location, dealing magic damage and stunning all enemies in the area. Tibbers remains on the field and attacks nearby enemies until it is killed or expires after a set duration. Annie can also control Tibbers’ movements and attacks by reactivating the ability.

Passive: Pyromania – After casting 4 spells, Annie’s next offensive spell will stun the target for a short duration.

The aim is to try out as many champions as possible and discover which one best suits your unique playstyle. This is how beginners can figure out the best possible champions on LoL.




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