When Is CSGO Source 2 Coming Out?

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Counter-Strike fans all across the world are going crazy with rumors of CSGO Source 2 being released soon. But keeping all the rumors aside, Counter-Strike fans want to know only one thing and one thing only- when is Source 2 really coming out? Let’s try to find it out today!

CSGO Source 2

The Rumors

Source 2 rumors have started surfacing since the start of March this year. It all started when along with an Nvidia driver update, came a new game profile called “Counter-strike 2“. The game profile came with 2 executables:

  • csgos2.exe
  • cs2.exe

While this was not enough to confirm the release of the game, more clues followed soon. Experts and avid fans soon realized the executable “cs2.exe” isn’t important here- what’s important is the other one. In the meanwhile, the official social media profiles of Counter-Strike stayed silent. However, more recent news suggest otherwise. A latest leak from a rather credible source suggests that it might actually be cs2.exe which might be needed to run the game.

Inside information revealed that the Valve team had been busy and working tirelessly for the launch of this title. It had become a priority for them over time which kind of explains why a lot of the issues of CS:GO have gone unattended. The good news is that the current team includes a lot of the members that have worked on previous titles of the Counter-Strike franchise.

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More About The Game

There have been a few details that have been confirmed so far about the game. First things first, the game has been developed on the Source 2 engine. This means better optimization and graphics for the game. However, like every other new game, this is bad news for gamers with low-end setups.

The official servers will also be equipped with a 128 tick rate. This means that the processing time is significantly higher. This will lead to a higher weapon accuracy, so more of your bullets will be counted. Long story short- the game will feel much more responsive than previous Counter-Strike titles. The official Valorant servers feature 128 tick.

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Release Date

Nobody for sure can now predict the release date of the new Counter-Strike title. Richard Lewis on his substack mentioned that the tentative release date for the beta is in this month of March with April 1st at the outside. But one thing is for sure. As the rumors are growing stronger, it’s now only a matter of time will we can get our hands on the game.

Lead detective Rush shared more information about Source 2 last night:

Just like he stated, skin owners don’t need to worry much as they should be safe.

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