Counter-Strike 2: All The New Changes

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We are nothing but hyped for the release of Counter-Strike 2 which is set to release this Summer. Valve is slowly teasing all the new changes that are coming to the game. Today, let’s check out all the changes to coming to the new Counter-Strike title.

Counter-Strike 2 Release

The new Counter-Strike will be releasing this Summer. Valve has not officially given us a date but many players and content creators have been invited to their “Limited Test“. During this testing period, Valve will be evaluating a subset of features to eliminate any issue before the worldwide release. Counter-Strike 2 will be available as a free upgrade to CS:GO.

We covered a lot of the rumors and predictions regarding the new game in our previous article.

All The New Changes

Responsive Smokes

What’s a Counter-Strike game without the smokes? Nothing. And that is why the first change Valve is coming up with is responsive smokes.

Smoke grenades are now treated as volumetric 3D objects. All players will now be seeing the same smoke regardless of their position. Smokes will now interact with the environment it’s been thrown at and much more. It reacts to bullets being shot through it and the blast of grenades. Smokes will now also fill up the narrow spaces it’s deployed at.

Still confused as to how this will all work? Check out the video Valve released last night on responsive smokes:

What we truly love about this is the new avenues of tactics this will bring to the game.

Sub-Tick Updates

From now on, Valve servers will know the exact instant a motion starts or when you shoot a bullet. Previously, this used to be evaluated in discrete time intervals, also known as ticks. This means often there were very slight delays between when a game registers an action and when you act. Sub-tick updates is removing that which results in more responsive moving and shooting.

Map Updates

The maps are the heart and soul of the Counter-Strike franchise. With 9 official maps on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, we should be seeing both overhauls and slight changes on all of them. Valve is categorizing map changes into 3 separate categories:

  1. Touchstone Maps: These are maps that already have a solid foundation and don’t really require much of a rework. However, they’re not going unaddressed. These maps will feature lighting changes and much cleaner elements than before. Dust 2 will be featured as a Touchstone Map.
  2. Upgrade Maps: These maps will feature Source 2 lighting. Nuke will serve as an upgrade map and will include realistic lighting, reflections and materials.
  3. Overhaul Maps: These maps have been rebuilt from the ground up including all of the Source 2 tools and rendering features. Community map makers will have access to these tools to experiment with the environment on their own. Overpass will serve as one of the Overhaul Maps.

Visual Changes

The visual effects featured in the game have been reimagined more than ever before. Whether it’s an explosion, fire from the Molotovs or even the directional blood impact- they all feature exciting changes.

Bullet impacts can now be viewed at a distance and shooting at enemies will now highlight more realistic blood splatters that fade over time. But you know what we love the most? Check out these Molotov flames!

Counter-Strike 2 will also include an overhaul on UI enhancements. Fresh visual effects have been introduced to the HUD. To keep up with the visual changes, Valve has communicated that this title will also include more accurate audio.

The Limited Test is featuring only a handful of the features to be implemented in Counter-Strike 2. It’s exciting to know that there are more details waiting to be released by the publisher. All of the details of the game will be revealed gradually in the coming months.


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