5 More Secret Achievements You Probably Missed In Genshin Impact

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More Secret Achievements and How To Unlock Them

As promised in our last post, “5 Secret Achievements You Probably Missed in Genshin Impact”; here are 5 more hidden and secret achievements for you to discover, and how to unlock them.

If you put your heart into it…

In order to complete this achievement, you will have to cook any food badly once.

If you’ve already unlocked auto-cook for all of your recipes then you will need to wait for a future patch that brings new recipes. However, most people haven’t unlocked auto-cooking for all of their recipes, so you probably will be fine.

…anyone can be a gourmet.

This achievement is a follow-up to the previous on our list as it requires you to cook any food badly 10 times. Having already cooked a food badly once in our last step, you should only need to continue this process 9 more times and you will have unlocked both of these secret achievements.

The same principle applies here, if you have already unlocked auto-cooking for all your recipes, you will need to wait for future recipe releases.

Bon Appétit

Third and last cooking-related achievement on this list, so try to get all three in a go, and you’ll have unlocked them all.

This one requires you to feed all of your party members with food until they are full. A good trick is to change your party members to those with lower levels, this way you can prevent food wastage and unlock this achievement with minimal resources.

Boared to Death

This is a funny one, as it requires one of your party’s characters to be defeated by a boar.

We recommend you take fall damage, or get hit by monsters, so that your health is really low. Afterward, you will need to find a boar, get close, and let it charge you! If it defeats you as it charges you, which will require you to have minimal health as they do not do that much damage to you, you will unlock this hidden achievement.

This is definitely not a boaring achievement to hunt for!

Run, Melos!

For this achievement, you will need to sprint for 15 seconds continuously. Depending on how long you’ve played Genshin Impact, you may or may not have enough stamina to complete this yet.

If however, you do not have enough stamina, a sneaky trick is to start spam-jumping the moment your stamina is depleted, this way you will still be able to unlock this achievement.

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