7 Tips On How To Obtain Primogems As A F2P Player

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Obtaining Primogems as a F2P Player

Primogems are always sought after in Genshin Impact, with this guide you should be able to acquire primogems with ease on a daily basis, even as a F2P player!

Complete the 7-day Login Bonus

You’ll get up to 250 primogems after finishing the 7-day login bonus. All that is required of you is to log in to the game 7 days in a row.

You won’t even have to log in continuously for 7 days straight, just 7 days in total. So even if you skip a day or two due to real-life priorities, you’ll still be set to receive this awesome reward!

Keep in mind the minimum AR level requirement is AR5.

Clear the Tutorial

By simply opening the tutorials you will be given primogems. Not a lot per, but there are quite a few of them, so it will definitely add up!

A bonus is that whenever you discover a new place while exploring the lands of Teyvat, or even when you encounter and defeat new enemies, you’ll also be awarded primogems.

Clear Main and Side Missions

Pretty much all missions, be it main, or side missions – will award you with primogems. Simply for completing the quest lines.

We recommend you try to complete as many missions as possible for your respective adventure rank.

Treasure Chests and Warp/Teleport Points

You’ve probably noticed treasure chests by now, possibly even that there are warp/teleport points to be unlocked? Well, unlocking these warp points, and opening any treasure chests will result in a pretty nifty primogem reward.

We recommend you open any and all treasure chests you come across, as well as unlocking all warp points you can find. Naturally, the amount of primogems awarded to you is based on the difficulty of the chest, the better the chest, the better the rewards!

Clear Undiscovered Domains

Discovering and unlocking domains will also net you primogems. Be on the lookout for new domains, and try to clear them all.

Keep in mind some of these domains require a certain adventure rank to be accessed. If you do not meet its requirements, make a note of the domain on your map, and revisit it at a later stage when you are higher level.

Complete Daily Commissions

Every single day there are four daily commissions to be completed. Each of these will net you 10 primogems, and another 20 primogems if you complete all four. That’s 60 primogems daily that is very easily obtainable.

A bonus to this is that some of the daily missions will result in some very hard-to-unlock achievements. It is however random, so all you can do to get these missions is to do daily missions every day if possible, until you obtain them all.

Spiral Abyss

Reaching certain chambers in the Spiral Abyss will result in some insane primogem rewards. And when we say insane, we certainly mean just that.

Some of these rewards are enough to draw several times on the different banners. However, keep in mind that progressing through the Spiral Abyss poses an escalated challenge, as difficulty increases the further you progress, requiring you to have a better party for each part you progress.

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