6 Foods You Need to Prioritize in Genshin Impact

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The Best Food in Genshin Impact

Knowing how to cook and picking the right food for the right situation is key in Genshin Impact. It will definitely make your life a whole lot easier.

With cooked foods you can balance out your stats, be it defensive or offensive, you can heal yourself out of sticky situations, and you will be able to explore and adventure the lands more freely when not having to constantly worry about stamina.

You will also be able to revive your characters if you DIE

Teyvat Fried Egg – Revives Your Characters

This item is great as it revives your characters and brings them back to life. It is easy to get, and even easier to use. Just be wary of the cooldown timer, and don’t die too often.

It only requires eggs to craft, which can easily be found on roofs of buildings, or while climbing the mountains or high hills.

Monstadt Hash Brown – Healing Food

The Monstadt hash brown is one of the more useful healing foods in Genshin Impact. This scrumptious hash brown will heal you for 30%/32%/34% of your MAX health, while also granting an additional heal of 600/1250/1900 HP to the selected character.

Do note that these require jam to make, which takes 10 minutes each to craft. So we recommend you stock up on jam, and get to baking these delightful treats.

Mushroom Pizza

You know that feeling when you are getting staggered by monster damage, and it just keeps piling on?

Pop one of these delicious mushroom pizzas and watch your health regenerate 26%/28%/30% of your MAX health, with an added healing over time effect of 450/620/790 HP per 5 seconds for 30 seconds after.

This recipe is obtained from Stormterror’s Lair, and is a must-have for the avid monster hunter.

Crab, Ham and Veggie Bake

Similar to our 6th rank on this list, this item revives your character. The major difference is the fact that you resurrect with a mind-boggling 900/1200/1500 HP right off the bat.

This way you won’t get one-shot the moment you revive, and can freely start healing up and get back into the fight.

It is extremely easy to make, as you can simply travel to “Crab Island” daily to keep your crab quota stocked full.

Jade Parcels

The jade parcels are a must-have if you can’t afford, or don’t have the recipe, for our number one spot on this list. This recipe is a close second, as it increases your entire party’s attack by 224/272/320, and critical rate by 6%/8%/10% for 300 seconds.

The recipe requires you to get ahold of Jueyen Chilis which can be found all over Liyue. If you plan your route well, you can farm hundreds of these in a matter of an hour. So get to stocking up on chilis!

Adeptus’ Temptation

Behold, currently the only 5-star food in Genshin Impact. The recipe for the Adeptus’ Temptation is found on a secret island high in the sky in Liyue, and once you get ahold of this endgame food, your whole life will change for the better.

This cocktail of seafood will boost your entire party’s attack by 260/316/372, as well as your critical rate by 8%/10%/12% for 300 seconds!

It’s hands down the best food item in the game. It does have a high resource cost, but it more than makes up for it with it benefits.

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