8 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Playing Genshin Impact

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An Introduction To Genshin Impact

There are tons of free-to-play games you haven’t ever heard of. The reason for this is that a common trend in free-to-play games is that they are backed by huge companies, if they aren’t, you will probably never hear of them.

Now, even if this isn’t the case with Genshin Impact, you might’ve heard of it’s predecessor – Honkai Impact 3rd. On top of that, it is following the trailblaze of the very popular game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild.

It is by no means the same game, far from it, but they do share some commonalities. With this being said, we are having a ton of fun playing Genshin Impact here at EntPlace.

We wish to share with you a few things you should know before you start playing Genshin Impact.

Everything Is Worth Doing

Unlike a lot of games where you quickly end up grinding the same things over and over, because it nets you the best gains – Genshin Impact flips this idea on it’s head and pile-drives it into the ground.

In Genshin Impact everything you do rewards the player. Anything from cooking, to discovering new places, butchering vile monsters, or even achievements and special guild ranks like the adventure rank system.

Everything is worth doing in Genshin Impact!

  • Did you see a far-off place you haven’t visited? Go there! Gain experience and rewards.
  • Did you just pick some apples from a tree? More experience and rewards.
  • Did you figure out you could use the apples to make a sweet and savory apple pie?
  • Yep, you guessed it – even more experience and rewards!

Game Starts Slow, Then Once The Snowball Starts Rolling…

The game starts off at a fairly slow pace, not gonna lie. First, you go through a somewhat lengthy tutorial. It should be noted that this tutorial is a ton of fun, filled with unexpectedly funny and humourus cutscenes and lore.

Also, during this time you’ll most likely be captured by the game’s stunning graphics – leaving you to gaze at the sky in sheer amazement.

The game also feature free-to-roam environment.

Want to know what is on top of that small mountain over there? Climb it! Because you can. You can practically move anywhere within Genshin Impact.

Later on, you’ll even be able to jump off the high places you’ve climbed up to, and glide all the way down using some newfound tricks.

Even though the game takes it’s time in the beginning, to make sure the player knows how to take full advantage of the game’s amazing world – the snowball quickly starts rolling once you get the hang of it.

On top of that, you’ll be boosted by all the fancy aforementioned rewards – leaving you to blaze through the game at your own speed.


Collect all kinds of food-related items you stumble across on your journey in Genshin Impact. Be it apples, tomatoes, meat or even bird eggs.

Anything, and everything, can be usied in different cooking recipes.

These recipes include foods that restore your health, decrease your stamina consumption, or even powerfull foods that gives you buffs; like increased damage or even critical strike chance and defenses.

Master The Elements

Genshin Impact features an amazing and fairly innovative element system. This allows for the player to mix and mash different elements and it’s combinations, and you have seven different elements to choose from, all of which reacts to eachother in different ways.

To give an example, fire and ice, naturally cause the reaction effect called ‘melt’. Whereas water and ice, cause ‘freeze’. Another extremely interesting element is ‘anemo’, which is basically wind.

The ‘anemo’ element will significantly boost any other element it comes in contact with, like turning a small campfire into a fire tornado.

Your Party

The game also features another innovative feature – the ability to form a party of up to four characters, all of which you control.

So instead of traditional games where you might have a bow, a sword, and a shield, all with different attacks and special moves, in Genshin Impact you have different characters in your party instead, all with their unique playstyles.

The purpose for this brings us back to the aforementioned elements, in which you can set up your party in a way that allows for several element reactions to be triggered – all under your command!

Loot! Loot! Loot!

There is no denying that Genshin Impact is heavily featured around loot and equipment. Which we at EntPlace find to be a lot of fun.

We get crazy good loot all the time, and it truly is a lot of fun. Especially once you start getting copies of the same items, be it weapons or accessories.

The reason for this is that duplicate copies of the same item means that you can merge them together, to increase the equipment’s power and utility. Making your party, as well as individual characters, that much better.

Any loot that you don’t want to use, or don’t need, will simply be used as experience food for your main equipment to level up quicker. This way you will be covered from the bottom-up in your favorite gear in no-time!

Spend Your Primogems Wisely

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, you get rewards and loot constantly for practically anything, and everything, in the game.

Some of these rewards, some might even say a lot of them, are what is called primogems. This is similar to diamonds, gems, or sapphires in other games.

Apart from mora, which is comparable to gold coins – primogems is the other currency widely used in the world of Teyvat.

We here at EntPlace strongly suggest you save these primogems for summons. Summons being the action of summoning random characters or equipment items, for primogems.

This is the way you will be getting some of the characters you’ll end up loving and cherishing the most in this game – so use primogems sparingly!


As a gacha game, Genshin Impact like any other gacha game allows for rerolling. This means that if you didn’t get the characters, or items, that you sought after from your early summons – you can reroll.

This takes anywhere between 10 and 40 minutes, depending on how efficent you are, as well as how big of an advantage you are looking for.

The main point is that it is possible, and it is of course allowed by the company behind Genshin Impact – Mihoyo.

We suggest you search for reroll guides if this is something you wish to do, as there are plenty of great guides for this feature. You might even want to check out our guide here at EntPlace.

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