Is Midnights by Taylor Swift Worth The Hype?

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It’s barely been a week since Taylor Swift has released her 10th album ‘Midnights’. Ever since then, the release of the album has taken over social media. Did Taylor meet the expectations? Let’s find out.

Midnights by Taylor Swift

Unveiling The Album on TikTok

From 21st September to 7th October, Taylor revealed the song names on a TikTok series called ‘Midnight Mayhem with Me’. Each week, she revealed the tracklists through a ‘Spin The Bowl’ game.

Inspiration Taken From Personal Life

This album was inspired by ‘13 Sleepless Nights’ of Taylor’s life. The songs of this album contain discussion of self-assurance, self-criticism, insecurity, anxiety and insomnia.

Taylor went all over with experimenting. The music contains a mix of electronica, synth pop, dream pop and chilled out styles.

In her previous albums, most of her lyrics are quite cryptical. She did the same job in this album as well. Her lyrics are a confession to herself about the areas of her life which should have highlighted more.

Breaking The Records

It seems like the fans went all crazy for this album. In the United States, ‘Midnight’ broke the quite gruesome records of the past. It entered the record of buying most vinyl in the 21st century.

‘Midnight’ is also the most streamed single album in Spotify history. She broke her own record of being the fastest selling album of 2022. The previous one was her album ‘Reputation’ which was released in 2017.

According to the charts, Midnights by Taylor Swift is the second biggest selling album after Adele’s 25. That album earned 3.48 million.

Most Awaited Collaboration With Lana

The most awaited collaboration has finally been made. Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift have finally made a song together. The fourth song from the album ‘Snow on the Beach’ was made by both the artists.

Both of the fanatics are ecstatic about the collaboration. According to them, it’s the best collaboration of 2022.

Songs and Their Story

In total, there are 20 songs in this album. 13 are in the album edition and the other 7 are included in the deluxe edition of the album. Here is the entire tracklist of the album.

She recorded the album with Jack Antonoff and 4 other producers. Jack has completed several projects with her. Taylor’s first album with her name title was produced with Jack.

13 of her songs have their own story. Taylor described this album as a self reflection of how far she has come. Here are some scribbles of her top songs.


This one tells the story of her deep insecurities. She described how she often felt she is not good enough for anything. She also added how her fame has taken over the ‘Actual self’ from her.

Anti-Hero is the official lead single of the album. After the release, the song hit differently among fans. Internet has been talking highly about the song and how it triggered their inner wound as well. This is a big hit from the album.


Labyrinth refers to new love after a terrible breakup. We are all aware of how Taylor’s rocky relationship with a bunch of celebrities have ended. She was always open about her pain and the traumatic moments through her songs.

This song is dedicated to her present boyfriend whom she’s currently engaged to. She told her story of falling in love after a devastating breakup. In the lyrics, she wrote how the ice melted when she found this new love.

Snow On The Beach

The album’s fourth track is collaborated with a bunch of celebrities. Alternative pop queen Lana Del Rey was kind enough to lend her voice and make the long awaited collaboration happen. While Lana and Taylor had made their appearance in the music video, behind the making there were two more celebrities who were credited as well.

Teen Wolf and Maze Runner star Dylan O’Brien, who were also seen in Taylor’s ‘All Too Well’ short film. The short film was about Taylor’s relationship with filmstar Jake Gyllenhaal. Dylan did the drums part of this song.

Musician and actress Zoe Kravitz who was recently seen as Catwoman was also credited in the song. She helped Taylor in mixing the tunes.


This song represents her working on different levels. From personal to political, she poured everything. This also refers to the public image she has made so far.

In some part, Taylor expressed how she felt when she first met Joe Alwyn. From scratch, she showed her journey in one song.

Mastermind is the last song of the album.


The title does not need any explanation. We all are pretty much aware of what Karma can be.

Rumours are saying Taylor probably made this song dedicated to Kanye West and Scooter Braun.
There has been a debate about who this song is for. Both Kanye and Scooter Braun have some serious beef with Taylor.

In 2009, while Taylor was receiving her award for MTV best female artist Kanye interrupted her speech. Ever since then Kanye and Taylor have become rivals. Kanye has previously stated dirty and hateful statements on Taylor, even wrote some nasty lyrics about her.

Scott Borchetta, owner of Scooter Braun previously bought her first 6 albums catalogue. She stated how Scott has gaslighted her from time to time to include the company’s name for the sake of ‘contractual purpose’ when she never wanted to be associated with it.

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Review On Midnight

Despite breaking the previous records and making new ones, the album in general has received mixed reviews. Some of the songs were praised by all, whilst others were not up to the mark.

Album’s lead song ‘Anti-Hero’ received the most criticism. Some of them shared their triggers quoting the song while some have problems with the music video.

In a scene, Taylor steps on a weight scale where ‘Fat’ was written on the numbers. This seems to trigger some people calling her ‘Fatphobic’. Due to the negative response, Taylor edited that part and re-released the video.

Her ‘Bigger Than the Whole Sky’ has become an anthem for the mothers who lost their baby in miscarriage. Some of them tweeted about saying how the lyrics remind them about the baby who crossed the rainbow bridge.

In response to that Taylor showed her gratitude and sympathy to the mothers. She once stated that she would want to make songs on every moment of life.

Apart from the wholesome parts, Midnight faced some backlash as well. Few stated the album as ‘not her best one’. Some criticized how the lyrics could have been better.

Few even went harsh with their opinion saying, ‘an absolute fail’, ‘trashy album she has ever made’. ‘Not very Tay-Tay vibes’.

Keeping the opinions aside, it can be assumed that the album will rule the chart for quite some time. Few of the songs are already big hits.

Her album has become the ray of sunshine to the Music shops. In the world of streaming platforms, Music shops have already started losing hope about its golden era.

To pay homage to the artist, they bought hard copies of the album.

Midnight is streaming on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, YouTube and Napster.

Have you listened to Midnights by Taylor Swift?

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