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Among all the albums being dropped recently, Her Loss by Drake has surely made waves. Did the album exceed fan’s expectations? Let’s find out.

Her Loss By Drake

Soundtracks And Promotion

The album has a total of 16 songs. Artist Travis Scott has made a guest appearance in the album on the track Pussy & Millions.

Previously Drake collaborated with Savage 21 on his song ‘Jimmy Cooks’ from his album ‘Honestly, Nevermind’. Later, he mentioned the music video will be released on a day after Savage 21’s birthday.

During the music video, the title of the album ‘Her Loss’ popped up. Later, Canada based music label OVO and Republic confirmed about the album’s launch.

The album was supposed to be released on 28th October. The release was postponed when the album’s sound engineer 40 got covid. Later a day before release Drake released the listings of the album.

Unique Album Cover

Her Loss album cover contains a picture of someone who refers as ‘her’. Exotic dancer Qui Yasuka also known as Suki Baby on stage posed for the album. The picture was from three years ago. Artist Lil Yachty suggested Drake to use this picture as the cover photo.
Suki Baby is of Japanese and Black descendant who was born and raised in Japan and America. Her picture was taken by a Houston based photographer Paris Aiden.

Her Loss - Album by Drake, 21 Savage | Spotify

Mentioning Beef With His People

In Drake’s new album, he has mentioned his beef with a few celebrities. From Kanye West to Megan Thee Stallion, he did not spare anyone.

Drake mentioned how Megan Thee Stallion faked the allegation on Tony Lanez shooting her. In the song ‘Circo Loco’, Drake mentioned about the incident directly pointing at Megan. Megan’s response was not very satisfying. She posted on her Twitter saying to stop Drake from using her as a clout. Megan is an active vocal against sexism and racism.

Alexis Ohaninan, founder of Reddit and husband of tennis player Serena Williams were also mentioned in his song. Serena and Drake have been friends for quite a long time. There was a rumour Serena and Drake were reportedly dating back in 2015 but none of them actually confirmed the truth.

Drake mentioned Alexis on his track, Middle of the Ocean. Directly quoting both Serena and Alexis, Drake said how Alexis is a groupie and simp for Serena. In response to that, Alexis said how proud he is to be a ‘groupie’ for Serena and their 5 year old daughter.

Drake didn’t even spare Kanye West in his album. In 2021, Drake ended his longtime fight with Kanye by joining a concert along with artist J-prince. Mentioning Kanye as his idol, they ended the war. But, in his song, ‘Circo Loco’ he did a full 360 and said how J-prince only urged him to end everything with Kanye. Kanye responded to Drake on his twitter saying he has nothing but love for Drake.

Rapper DRAM and Drake have a long history. Back in 2015, DRAM claimed that Drake stole one of his songs. Ever since then it never got better.

Seeing Drake mentioning about the tea in his song, DRAM went full on and bashed Drake on twitter. He also said how Drake should mind his own business and not to attach any beef in his project.

Songs and Their History

In all of his 16 songs from the album, Drake said a little backstory about them.

Using Daft Punk’s One more time, Circo Loco is rated 1st in this album. Whether it’s due to controversy or not, this song managed to be in Billboard’s top list.

In Middle of the ocean, he tells about his luxurious life and a little beef with Serena Williams. He also bragged how he is capable of affording things people can’t pronounce. Basically this song is full of Drake being himself.

Pussy and Millions is a collaboration with Travis Scott. Travis’s appearance made the song multiple times better.

Spin about U is about the ongoing reproductive rights for women going on in the USA. He also mentioned how women are able to take the government down with their unity.

Savage 21 gets impressed with the girls he found on their ‘finstas’ apart from their main account. He also talks about giving out free games to them.

Privileged Rapper is probably the least favourite song of the album. Calling out on certain artists who backbites on Drake while them not being successful. 21 Savage is seen to talk about a certain love interest which did not end up well.

Treacherous Twins are about a bromance of Drake and Savage 21. They talk about their journey and how both helped each other grow.

Negative Responses From Fans

Drake’s fans are not entirely happy with this album. On social platforms fans were seen talking about the highlighted misogyny Drake has expressed through his work.

Some are onto cancelling him due to him making fun of Megan Thee Stallion getting shot. Fans are calling him ‘insecure’ for mentioning his beef with the celebrities.

Fans also criticised him for acting stupid and called his album a visual representation of bigoted ego. His artwork has lost its passion, critics say. Compared to his previous albums and artworks, this is certainly one of the worst albums he has made.

Savage 21 is praised for his work. But Drake has made the entire album about himself and has not given him enough time to express his work.

Despite knowing that this album could have been a classic, due to Drake’s immaturity and lack of potential, the album faced the backlash.

Where Can I Stream?

This album can be streamed on Spotify, Amazon Music, Napster, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Deezer and YouTube. It’s Drake, so you’ll probably find a lot of the tracks trending on TikTok as well.

Ratings and Reviews

Metacritics has rated the album 57 out of 100 based on 4 reviews. Overall, the album is quite mid if you ask us.

Due to Taylor Swift’s new album’s success, Her Loss has not charted in the Billboard Hot Top 10 yet. By the end of the year, few songs will be in the Billboard Hot 200.

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