Episode 5 Act 1 Battlepass: Should You Buy?

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A brand new Act of Valorant has just commenced. This new Act not only comes with afresh new map but an entire collection of sweet skins. And here at ent.place, we love our skins! So, today we answer a super important question for you: Should you buy the Episode 5 Act 1 Battlepass? Read on to find the answer!

All Episode 5 Act 1 Battlepass Skins

Before we make a judgement on this very battlepass, it’s only fair that we take a good look at all of the skins first.



Right off the bat, I’ll admit that these are my least favorite skins of this battlepass. Sure, they’re a little cute and cuddly but that’s not really my thing. All of these guns (Classic, Stinger, Bulldog and Judge) could really use some better skins. Now I know these guns aren’t played as frequently but still. If it’s in the game, then you should pay attention to it. So, maybe Riot hasn’t done a good enough job with these specific skins.

Valorant Episode 5, Act 1 Battle Pass: All Weapons Skins & Is It Worth Buying?

  • Shimmer Stinger: Tier 5
  • Shimmer Judge: Tier 16
  • Shimmer Bulldog: Tier 30
  • Shimmer Class: Free Chapter Reward (After Tier 50)

I would rate these skins a 6/10 but just for the effort.


This in my opinion are the best skins of Episode 5 Act 1 battlepass. I personally use the Ghost and the Operator in every match and I really needed new skins for those two. I’m sure that’s the case for many, many players. The overall theme of these skins are amazing and it kinda reminds me of Phoenix. Now that I think of it, Phoenix mains should absolutely dig these Spitfire skins.

Valorant to introduce 3 new skin collections in Episode 5 Act 1 Battlepass

  • Spitfire Ghost: Tier 1
  • Spitfire Ares: Tier 15
  • Spitfire Operator: Tier 25
  • Spitfire Guardian: Tier 40

I think I would rate these skins a solid 8/10. They would get an ever higher rating had there not been better skins for the guns.

Task Force 809

The Task Force 809 set of skins aren’t bad at all if you ask me. For some weird reason, the skins remind me of a glue gun. Jokes aside, these aren’t bad skins to have. But I could see these skins getting replaced by others real soon. I really hoped for a better melee skin and I certainly do believe that a better job could have been done.

Valorant to introduce 3 new skin collections in Episode 5 Act 1 Battlepass

  • Task Force 809 Frenzy: Tier 10
  • Task Force 809 Spectre: Tier 20
  • Task Force 809 Marshal: Tier 35
  • Task Force 809 Phantom: Tier 45
  • Task Force 809 Knife: Tier 50

I would rate these skins a decent 7/10.

Prelude to Chaos Bundle

If you don’t wanna get the Battlepass and can afford to go all out on the store, there’s the Prelude to Chaos Bundle up for grabs. For 8700 Valorant Points, you’re getting:

  • Prelude to Chaos Vandal
  • Prelude to Chaos Stinger
  • Prelude to Chaos Operator
  • Prelude to Chaos Shorty

You’re also getting some cool free stuff like the Blade of Chaos which is an amazing melee skin. The animation and color variants are too good on this one. I can see a lot of players getting their hands on this one. But the main problem is that the weapon is too big and occupies a large portion of the screen. If you ask me, that’s gonna be a problem when you’re playing competitive matches.

If you’re still unsure whether you want to get the Battlepass or not, that’s fine. The new Act launched on 22nd June and will be running for 10 weeks till August 31st. So, you still have plenty of time to decide whether you want to splash the cash or not.

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