All You Need to Know About Fade on Apex Legends Mobile

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With the release of Apex Legends Mobile around the world, shooter players are flocking their phones to get a taste of some Apex madness. May 17th saw the release of EA’s signature battle royal shooter game on both Android and iOS devices. However, the release of Apex’s mobile version wasn’t the only source of excitement for fans. Fans all over the world were equally hyped to play with Apex Legend’s newest Legend, Fade. So today, here at, we bring you everything you need to know about Fade on Apex Legends Mobile.

About Fade

Hailing from Solace, Ignacio Huamani or now better known as Fade is a “Phasing Punisher“. Fade comes from a family that lived off of hunting high-tech weaponry and suits. Everything went downhill, however, right after Fade found this signature suit of his. Fade found this mysterious simulacrum suit in forsaken bunker. His entire family was attacked by a bunch of mercenaries right after he tried the suit on. Fade turned on the suit and was immediately teleported away by the Phase tech. Unfortunately, his family was murdered by those very mercenaries. Now Fade is out for vengeance on Apex Legends Mobile as he promises to lure out his sworn enemies and make them pay every penny for what they did to his family.

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It’s worthwhile knowing that Fade is only exclusive to the mobile version of Apex Legends. He is not available to be played with on PC or either of the consoles. He was specifically designed to just be played on Apex Legends Mobile. And if you ask me, this was quite a good move by EA as it provides an incentive for players to try out the game at least for the sake of a new Agent.

Fade’s Abilities

Passive Ability: Slipstream

Fade’s passive ability is known as Slipstream. His passive enables him to get a short burst of movement speed after doing a slide across the ground. Many of the legends’ passives don’t have a cooldown but this one does. Slipstream has a 10-second cooldown so you can’t keep sliding all the time just to get a speed boost. Bet those Call Of Duty players are bummed out about the cooldown of the passive ability.

Jokes aside, Slipstream can definitely get you out of some tight spots. It can also help you quickly rotate around a site or close down on an enemy team. On the other hand, it can also help you out of a sticky situation if you are quick enough.

Tactical Ability: Flash Back

Fade’s tactical ability, Flash Back opens up plenty of possibilities for those who want to main this Agent. The tactical ability allows you to teleport to a previous location. To be more precise, you can teleport back to where you were 2 seconds ago. While Fade is teleporting, he becomes temporarily invulnerable. Your weapons also get reloaded while in the middle of this ability. This tactical ability of his has a 20-second cooldown. It is quite similar to Wraith’s phase except the fact that you can only move back to where you were a few seconds ago.

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Now as stated before, Fade’s Flash Back can be utilized in multiple cases. One of the more common instances where you can use it is if you accidentally get yourself in the middle of a crossfire when two teams are fighting. Another situation where you can make proper use of it is to quickly descent from a higher ground, knock someone down and then go use the ability to move back to your previous position maintaining that higher ground advantage.

Ultimate Ability: Phase Chamber

If you ask me, Fade’s ultimate ability- the phase chamber is a really interesting one. Fade throws out a grenade-like projectile that creates a circular chamber of energy. All Legends (including teammates) caught inside the projectile are temporarily void from taking damage and are slowed down. They disappear for a short duration and appear back on the battlefield again. Basically, all Legends are unable to do anything during the entire duration of Fade’s ultimate.

While it may seem highly situational, Fade’s ultimate ability can come in handy quite often. If you’re about to get closed down by an approaching squad, you can toss your ability and slow them down while you relocate to a better position.

If you’re still confused about Fade’s abilities, that’s completely fine. Dazs here does a good job of trying to explain it in a video.


While Dazs doesn’t go into too many details, he does provide some much necessary thoughts regarding the Agent.

Overall, Fade is a really solid Agent who can utilize his movement to turn the tide of the game in his favor. Fade can be unlocked with 10 Fade pieces, a unique collectible currency only available this season. So stop wasting any more time and get sliding with Fade!

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