5 Practical Tips For The More Seasoned Valheim Player

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5 Practical Tips For The More Seasoned Valheim Player

Considering Valheim has been out for five weeks as of writing this guide, we feel that we have a few practical tips to share that even the more seasoned players of Valheim might not be aware of yet.

Hopefully, these practical tips can help navigate you on your journey in the world of Valheim to a better degree, and even if you might know some of these tips already, we hope there’s at least a trick or two to still be learned.

If by chance these tricks are too advanced for you, or if you simply wish to learn even more tips and tricks, consider checking out our guide on things every new Valheim player should know.

Destroying Your Ship

While exploring in Valheim you will surely end up traveling by sea for major parts of your journey, unless you magically ended up on a world seed with nothing but mainland.

Seeing as you might want to border an island, explore it, and then leave it to continue exploring – you might not want to do so from where you initially set foot onshore.

A simple trick to avoid having to run all the way back to your ship, and then sail around any island you may have encountered, you can actually just destroy your own ship instead – returning every resource used to craft it.

stunning visuals and graphics in valheim
A storm at sea in Valheim while sailing by longship.

The easiest way to destroy your own ship is to simply hit the mast with your weapon until the ship is destroyed.

Any and all resources spent crafting the ship will end up in the water, readily available to be picked up and stored in your inventory.

Using this trick, you can destroy your ship the moment you set foot on a newly discovered island, and then simply re-craft it, and set sail from wherever you choose to do so when you want to move on.

This trick also applies to carts, workbenches, forges, and probably other practical arenas.

Catapult Your Friends

If you play in a group, or duo with a friend, there is a clever mechanic that allows you to cover great distances in a short amount of time using the utility weapon known as the Abyssal Harpoon.

Let’s say the lot of you are in the Mountain biome, mining silver; hauling your newly-acquired valuables back to base is easier said than done. Catapult your friend!

First off, you harpoon whoever is supposed to be launched off the mountain. This might require the target to turn on PvP to allow for friendly-fire. Make sure said target is blocked by an obstacle, this could be anything from a node that can be mined, a door that can be opened, or even a structure like a wall that can be removed with a hammer.

stunning visuals and graphics in valheim
Soaring through the sky after being catapulted by my friend.

It is recommended to load up your friend who is about to be launched with as much loot as possible, in this case, silver, stone, and any other resources you’ve obtained while mining the mountain.

Second, stretch the harpoon’s rope as much as possible in the direction you want to launch your friend, and then remove whatever obstacle was used to block the player.

This will send you, or your friend, whoever is the pack mule in this scenario, soaring through the sky like a meat bag with rocket-thrusters on!

Be careful where you land though…

Always Carry Portal Mats!

Whenever exploring in Valheim, it’s highly recommended to always bring enough materials to be able to build at least one portal while on your journey, possibly more, depending on your carry-capacity.

This makes it so much easier to travel in the world of Valheim, as you just place a portal whenever you discover a location you wish to revisit at a later stage.

It’s especially useful whenever you are traveling by ship, crossing large bodies of water, and you discover a place full of new opportunities and wonders.

Keep in mind to remember to name the portal though, and also be able to recall the portal name whenever you get back to your base so that you can connect your portals.

stunning visuals and graphics in valheim
A portal in Valheim will make traveling a lot easier.

Renaming Portals

Considering the materials for crafting portals are scarce, especially the surtling cores, there is a trick that can be utilized to save materials when you have multiple portals around the world.

Simply keep renaming the hub-portal

Let’s say you have 10 portals scattered across the world of Valheim, and their respective portal names are 1 through 10. You actually don’t need 10 portals at your base to visit all these locations. All you need is one.

Rename the one portal you have at home to whichever portal you wish to travel to, and whenever you’ve traveled back home and wish to visit another portal; change the hub-portals name – and violà!

It should be noted that if you play on a world with other players on it, it’s easy to interfere and mess with each other’s portals by having the same portal names, so make sure every player on the world is either using the same portal setups, or that every player has some sort of unique naming templates for their respective portals.

*spoiler alert!* Farming Surtling Cores

While on the subject of portals, and more specifically, on the subject of the scarcity of surtling cores, here is a great way seasoned and well-traversed players of Valheim can easily farm tons of surtling cores.

Most players know that surtling cores can be found in Burial Chambers scattered around the world in the Black Forest biomes. However, there is actually another way to obtain them – and their abundance is game-changing.

In fear of spoiling too much for players that want to discover the world of Valheim by themselves, completely, we won’t go too much into detail about this. But then again, if that is your goal as a player, why are you even searching up guides on the game in the first place?

There’s a certain biome in the world of Valheim, a biome that for most players isn’t discovered until late-game, a biome that only houses one monster, and this one monster alone – Surtlings.

stunning visuals and graphics in valheim
Surtlings in Valheim like it hot.

It should be noted that you can find Surtlings in the Swamp biome, albeit scarce, but this is not the biome we are talking about here.

Discovering this biome, and placing a portal there for easy access, can quickly turn profitable in terms of farming surtling cores.

Let’s just put it this way, you will never ever need to search Burial Chambers again, or aimlessly search Swamps for Surtlings again – cause they are plentiful!


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