8 Things Any New Valheim Player Should Know

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How to handle yourself better in the world of Valheim

With Valheim exploding in popularity from its Early Access launch on February 3, 2021, and still gaining massive followings, we here at Ent.place decided to make a list of 8 things any new Valheim player should know before venturing into the magical world of Valheim.

So grab your best armor, as well as your mightiest weapons, and join us in exploring the most elementary steps of Valheim to become a more prosperous Viking.

If these tips are too fundamental for you, or perhaps you simply wish to add even more tips and tricks to your arsenal, consider also checking out our more advanced guide.

Think before you swim

Be aware that if you run out of stamina while swimming – you will start taking damage, as you are slowly, but surely, drowning!

It might be tempting to cross certain bodies of water while exploring the lands, but make sure you can reach across without running out of stamina before you set out swimming.

Remove HUD for breathtaking screenshots

While on the subject of exploring, there are endless moments of breathtaking beauty in the world of Valheim, and you might want to snap a screenshot or two while on your adventures.

For an even better screenshot, make sure to remove the HUD, this can be done by pressing Ctrl + F3.

beautiful visual scenery screenshot from valheim with amazing graphics
Amazing scenery from Valheim, showcasing Yggdrasil the world tree in the background.

Beware of falling trees

One of the first resources you’ll gather in Valheim, is wood. From the moment you’ve crafted your very first axe, you will continuously chop wood throughout your journey in Valheim.

The reason we mention something as basic as chopping wood in this guide, is because falling trees can easily kill you, and/or your friends, if you play in a group.

During our gameplay, there have been more than a few accounts of us dying to trees falling on our heads!

Important early-game resource

Speaking of resources; a very important early-game resource is flint. You’ll end up needing flint for several crafting recipes in your first stages of playing Valheim, and unless you are either lucky or very observant, it might take you some time to find it, unless you know where to search for it.

Flint is distinguishable from stone as it has a more rectangular shape to it, it is also lighter in its color scheme, being white/silverish. Flint can be found near water, be it the sea, rivers, or any other body of water.

Learn to block and parry as early as possible

One of the best ways to survive whatever you are faced against early-game is to craft a shield as soon as possible. Learning how to block and parry with a shield is going to be key in your adventures in Valheim, so you might as well learn it early.

Run faster

If you are ever swarmed by more monsters than you can handle, and you decide to make a run for it, being the logical thing to do; remember to sheathe your weapon while running away, as this will significantly increase the speed at which you are running.

To sheathe your weapon, simply press R.

valheim burial chambers
One of many burial chambers found in Valheim.

Take advantage of map markers

While exploring in Valheim you will surely come across several points of interest that you’ll want to come back to at a later time, perhaps when you are more prepared to handle the encounter.

Early-game such places may very well include Burial Chambers, or Troll Caves. Make the most of your map by adding map markers to points of interest such as these.

You may also want to mark certain resources on your map using map markers.

Set up a safe spawn point

Last, but not least, create a safe spawn point, or a base, as soon as possible.

This will prevent excruciatingly long walks back to your tombstone if you were to die somehow, but also offer a safe place to store any abundance of resources you might’ve collected on your early-game journey through Valheim.

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