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Determining Which Are The Very Best Weapons

We’ve already made a post about the best weapon classes in Valheim, pointing out strengths and weaknesses, as well as naming a few of the best in each class.

In this guide, however, we will go in-depth into each and every weapon class to reveal what the very best weapon of each class is, as well as any required resources for obtaining them.

If you follow these tips and tricks, you will hopefully supplement your best armor with an even mightier weapon.

Early-game: Stagbreaker

The best early game weapon you can get your hands on is going to be either a bow, or better yet – the Stagbreaker. The only reason I mention a bow here is due to its accessibility, as well as its diversity.

With this being said though, the Stagbreaker is miles ahead of its competition for any early-game encounter, as it will lay waste to up to several opponents at a time with crushing AoE blows to the ground, shattering enemies near you, and pushing them back.

Valheim Stagbreaker
The Stagbreaker is truly an intimidating weapon.

Stagbreaker requires x20 Core Wood, x5 Deer Trophies, and x2 Leather Scraps to craft, along with a tier 2 workbench.

Clubs: Frostner

As for the club category, there really are only two contenders. The club, probably your very first weapon in the game, and Frostner – a strong weapon that resembles the hammer of Thor himself; imbued with the power frost damage, as well as spirit damage, alongside its natural blunt damage.

It should also be noted that this weapon is great against the third boss encounter, Bonemass, as he is weak to icy attacks.

Valheim Frostner Best Weapons
Imbued with the elements of frost and spirit, Frostner reigns in terms of damage type variety.

Frostner requires x10 Ancient Bark, x30 Silver, x5 Ymir Flesh (obtained from the Merchant) and x5 Freeze Glands, along with a tier 3 forge.

Maces: Porcupine

Even though both clubs and maces technically are within the same weapon class; clubs, we decided to split them into separate classes.

Frostner did come out on top in the club’s bracket, but in our opinion, it is definitely matched by the Porcupine mace. Both of these weapons deal a base damage of 95, with Frostner having blunt, frost, and spirit damage, while the Porcupine has 50 Blunt damage and 45 Pierce damage.

It also looks wickedly-awesome as it has a greenish glow to it.

Valheim Porcupine Best Weapons
The Porcupine is truly magnificent under a dark-lit sky.

Porcupine requires x5 Fine Wood, x20 Iron, x5 Needles and x10 Linen Thread, along with a tier 4 forge.

Spears: Fang Spear

Except for the utility weapon, the harpoon, the spear is the only weapon in Valheim that can be thrown at an enemy.

Valheim Fang Spear Best Weapons
One of currently only two weapons that can be thrown in Valheim.

Fang Spear requires x10 Ancient Bark, x4 Wolf Fangs, x2 Leather Scraps and x2 Silver, along with a tier 3 forge.

Swords: Silver Sword

Even though there technically is a better sword, the Blackmetal Sword, we chose the Silver Sword for a couple of reasons:

First off, it requires a tier 3 forge, instead of a tier 4, making it easier to craft. Its base damage is also higher than the Blackmetal Sword as it provides 75 Slash damage, as well as 30 Spirit damage, which combined outputs a base of 105 damage, while the Blackmetal Sword outputs a base of 95 Slash damage.

You’ll also likely encounter the required resources before that of its successor.

Valheim Silver Sword Best Weapons
The Silver Sword might look innocent at first glance, but beware of its potent sting.

Silver Sword requires x2 Wood, x40 Silver, x3 Leather Scraps and x5 Iron, along with a tier 3 forge.

Axes: Blackmetal Axe

While some might argue that the Battleaxe is a stronger option due to its earlier availability, and its superb parry force, we still recommend the Blackmetal Axe.

One of the reasons for this is the fact that this axe is also the very best tool for chopping wood, any wood, and works combined as a tool and a weapon in this regard.

Also, it is one-handed, unlike the Battleaxe, which empowers you with the option to wear it paired with a shield. On top of that, it has a base damage that is 20 higher than that of its two-handed predecessor.

Valheim Axe Best Weapons
Used not only to cut wood; but also to chop monsters down to size.

Blackmetal Axe requires x6 Fine Wood, x20 Black Metal and x5 Linen Thread, along with a tier 4 forge.

Polearms: Blackmetal Atgeir

While some might call this weapon the best weapon in Valheim, we do not, but it is definitely among the strongest if wielded by the right user.

What is unique about this weapon is its 360-degree special-move spin, and nothing delivers this attack with such force as the Blackmetal Atgeir.

Valheim Atgeir Best Weapons
The range on this weapon is overwhelming, as is its spinning attack.

Blackmetal Atgeir requires x10 Fine Wood, x30 Black Metal and x5 Linen Thread, along with a tier 4 forge.

Sledgehammers: Iron Sledge

One of our personal favorites here at

It might not have the highest base damage compared to other weapons on this list, boasting only 55 Blunt damage, but like the early-game monster; Stagbreaker, it shatters the ground sending quakes of devastating proportions in all directions, knocking back enemies, and damaging a multitude of enemies at the same time.

This weapon also has the highest knockback rating of any weapon in Valheim.

Valheim Iron Sledge Sledgehammer Best Weapon
The Iron Sledge might be the one and only weapon I’d bring to a Greydwarf party.

Iron Sledge requires x10 Ancient Bark, x30 Iron, x4 Ymir Flesh (obtained from the Merchant) and x1 Draugr Elite Trophy, along with a tier 2 forge.

Knives: Blackmetal Knife

Being possibly the best single-target damage weapon in the game, as well as being the only weapon in Valheim with true one-shot potential, the Blackmetal Knife is surely a winner in our hearts.

It has a 10x backstab bonus, which makes for some insane numbers when attacking from behind, it also has a base damage of 36; being 18 Slash damage and 18 Pierce damage.

If you enjoy high numbers, this is definitely the weapon for you!

Valheim Knife Knives Best Weapons
Possibly the deadliest, yet visually underwhelming, weapon in Valheim.

Blackmetal Knife requires x4 Fine Wood, x10 Black Metal and x5 Linen Thread, along with a tier 4 forge.

Bows: Draugr Fang

Its predecessor, the Huntsman Bow, doesn’t even come close to this beauty.

Draugr Fang is easily the best weapon in the game in regards to versatility, it might even be the best weapon overall – for us, it is also the best-looking.

This beast of a bow has a staggering 52 base damage; 47 Pierce damage, and 5 Poison damage. It also boasts a beautiful greenish neon-like glow as it lights up almost like a torch.

Valheim Bow Draugr Fang Best Weapon Glow
The Draugr Fang is truly blessed in terms of beauty. It’s also equally blessed in terms of both variety, and lethality.

Draugr Fang requires x10 Ancient Bark, x20 Silver, x2 Deer Hide and x10 Guck (obtained by chopping Guck off of trees in Swamps), along with a tier 2 forge.

Arrows: Silver and Frost Arrow

While most arrows in Valheim have their uses for certain situations and encounters, two arrows, in particular, stand out from the rest in terms of damage.

The Frost Arrow has the highest base damage in the game with a mind-blowing 78 base damage; 26 Pierce damage, and 52 Frost damage.

The Silver Arrow, however, has a wider range of use in our opinion, even though it boasts less damage with its 72 base damage; 52 Pierce damage, and 20 Spirit damage.

Both arrow types are superior.
An honorable mention is the Needle Arrow, with its 62 Pierce damage.

Valheim Arrows Best Arrow Best Weapons
The Silver, Frost, and Needle arrow in Valheim; all sought after by Viking bowmen.

Silver Arrow (x20) requires x8 Wood, x1 Silver, and x2 Feathers, along with a tier 3 forge.

Frost Arrow (x20) requires x8 Wood, x4 Obsidian, x2 Feathers, and x1 Freeze Gland, along with a tier 4 workbench.

Needle Arrow (x20) requires x4 Needles and x2 Feathers, along with a tier 4 workbench.

Utility: Abyssal Harpoon

This isn’t necessarily a weapon per se, as it is more of a tool. However, against the Sea Serpent, there isn’t a stronger alternative, as you can harpoon the Sea Serpent, and drag it onto shore for an easy kill.

Playing with friends is where this utility weapon shines though, as you can pull monsters away from your buddies, or even pull your buddies away from monsters. It’s also possible to use the harpoon to pull them out of a ditch if they are stuck.

This utility weapon also has some crazy uses beyond that, like catapulting your friends into another dimension, or at the very least send them soaring through the sky like a bird packing rocket thrusters.

Valheim Abyssal Harpoon Best Weapons
Possibly the most unique weapon, and tool, in all of Valheim. Illustrated in beautiful swampy scenery.

Abyssal Harpoon requires x8 Fine Wood, x30 Chitin and x3 Leather Scraps, along with a tier 2 workbench.

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