Best Weapon Classes in Valheim

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Deciding Which Weapon Class Is Superior

In the world of Valheim, you will certainly encounter more than a fair share of dangerous creatures, some more vile and unpredictable than others. On top of that, you will need to battle your way through several epic boss fights. With this being said, choosing a proper weapon for the right encounters will be key for succeeding in this harsh environment.

If the very best weapon of each weapon class is what you’re after, consider checking out our ultimate weapon guide, or even our tips and tricks on the best armor in Valheim.

There are several weapon classes; unarmed, clubs, maces, spears, sledgehammers, knives, axes, swords, polearms, bows, as well as a utility weapon – the harpoon.

All of these weapon classes, apart from the utility weapon, have their own skills that will need leveling, in which choosing the best weapon for the right situation, as well as finding one that fits your playstyle, is a must.

A weapon second to none in terms of variety

The best weapon class in Valheim, in our opinion, is by far the bow. Hands down, no questions asked. It can be utilized in any and all situations, by a new player, as well as a veteran, for the easiest of encounters, as well as the most challenging of encounters. It simply has no equal in terms of variety.

Valheim Bow Draugr Fang Best Weapons
The Draugr Fang is equally beautiful and powerful, a deadly combination.

As you progress in the game, you will eventually obtain better bows, the best bow being the Draugr Fang. Another nifty detail when it comes to hunting with a bow lies in its enriched variety of arrows to choose from.

Seeing as some monsters and bosses are weak to, as well as resistant to, different elements used in the world of Valheim, you can use this to your advantage as you can choose the best arrow for your current encounter.

AoE damage, and multiple enemies

Now let’s talk about area of effect, or AoE, clearing of monsters. While traversing the world of Valheim you will surely stumble across several encounters that bring with it more than just one foe at a time. Sometimes you might even end up fighting up to a dozen monsters simultaneously.

For situations such as this, having a weapon that can deliver fatal blows in a big area of effect will make your adventure a lot easier. We are of course referring to the sledgehammers; the Stagbreaker, and the Iron Sledge.

Valheim Best Weapons Sledgehammer Stagbreaker
If the ground is shaking, your either in for a blue treat, or someone is having fun with a sledgehammer.

While the Stagbreaker is one of the best early-game weapons, the Iron Sledge is way better and definitely worth obtaining once you can get your hands on its required resources.

These weapons pound the ground with such force that it shatters your surroundings and sends quakes in all directions, making for a devastating encounter for any foes you might be faced against.

a lunge from the shadows

As for the best single-target damage weapon in the game, this is both debatable, as well as situational. For certain encounters, you might opt for maces, swords, or axes. Personally, we would recommend a one-handed weapon, as blocking with a shield in this game is the best way to fight in melee range.

The polearm has its uses, with its 360-degree special-move spin, and so does the battle axe. The spear, even though it is one-handed, has in our opinion a weird feel to it, as the range feels short, and its attacks are positioned straight forward, without any swiping animations.

For us though, the best single-target damage weapon in the game is definitely the knives. Unlike many other games of similar style, knives are one-handed in Valheim, instead of traditional dual-wield, which means you can use them with a shield for maximum defence alongside your offence.

Valheim Knives Knife Best Weapon Sneak
A stealthy Viking hidden under the cover of the night sky.

It has an insane backstab multiplier, which means that any attack from behind, will significantly increase your damage to whatever you are fighting. Furthermore, it has a really strong leaping special-move attack, lunging you toward your target.

If you pair your knife with a troll armor set, you will become the sneakiest Viking-ninja in all of Valheim. This weapon has some serious one-shot potential!

The best knife in the game is hands down the Blackmetal Knife, but the Abyssal Razor isn’t all that bad either.

With all of this being said though, any and all weapons have their uses and potential for the right situation, paired with the right playstyle. I’ve personally beaten several bosses, as well as countless creatures and monsters using only my fists as weapons.

Everything is usable, as it all comes down to you as the player.

For a more detailed list of the best weapons of each weapon class, we’ve also made a guide for just that;

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