Jenna Ortega- The Newest Latin Heartthrob

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Latin American celebrities have been gaining their spots in the entertainment industry lately. Not many Latinx celebrities have garnered the appreciation they deserve. Due to the constant need of people of color in the industry, the number of Latin Celebrities have increased a lot. Today, we are going to talk about Jenna Ortega, everyone’s newest Latin crush. 

Jenna Ortega- The Latin Heartthrob


Jenna Marie Ortega, also known as Jenna Ortega was born in California on September 27, 2002. She is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent. She has 6 siblings in total and she is 4th among the 6 children.

Beginning Of The Career

Jenna started her career as a child artist. She was casted in Iron Man 3 as the daughter of the vice president. Jenna did a significant role in Insidious Chapter 2 as Annie.

She also received her first recognition from American Telenovel, Jane the Virgin. From 2014 to 2019, she played the younger version of Jane which was portrayed by Another Latin actress, Gina Rodrigez.

Jenna also acted in the Disney sitcom, Stuck In The Middle. She was the protagonist of the series and her character was Hailey Diaz.

Appearing In Mainstream Roles

Jenna Ortega appeared in the psychological thriller series, You as Ellie Alves who is a smart and meddling girl. However, she has the tendency to act much older than her age. Jenna’s character and acting gained her much praise.

Jenna also acted in the Netflix original movie, The Babysitter: Killer Queen. She stated how she was nervous to act in The Babysitter as all the characters were already familiar. Jenna did the role of Phoebe in The Babysitter: Killer Queen.

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Breakthrough In Career

In 2021, High School drama, The Fallout was released by HBO Max. Jenna Ortega did the role of Vada which caught the attention of the critics. The news and tabloids started writing about her acting skills and praising for holding such powerful skills.

Jenna Ortega also acted in horror movie Scream as Tara Carpenter. Jenna’s acting brought her few awards.

Lately, due to the success of Netflix originals horror comedy drama Wednesday, Jenna Ortega got recognized worldwide. Her character, Wednesday Addams was highly praised by everyone.

Jenna Ortega stated how challenging the character Wednesday was for her. It took her years to get into her character. To adapt to the character fully, Jenna Ortega acted exactly the same in her regular life as well. Jenna even had to cut her hair and dyed it Black as well.

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Awards And Nominations

In her acting career, Jenna has achieved a few significant awards. Jenna’s first award was Imagen Awards which is given to the Latin artists of the entertainment industry.

She also got nominated in Southampton International Film Festival for her character in Saving Flora. For her character in Scream as Tara Carpenter, Jenna received MTV movie awards for most frightened performance. Jenna also received a nomination in the Golden Globe award for best actress in a television/musical drama.

Facts About Jenna

Jenna Ortega loved dissecting little animals in childhood. In a recent interview Jenna stated that she liked disembarking the inner parts of small animals like Lizards, worms etc.

Jenna has pursued her career as a writer as well. In 2021, Jenna has published her first book titled as ‘Its All Love’.

Philanthropy Works

Jenna Ortega is a supporter of immigrants and organizations related to immigrants. Being an immigrant herself, Jenna feels obliged to do something for the community.

Jenna is also an avid supporter of the LGBTQ community. Although she has not confirmed about her sexuality yet, but Jenna says she’d support their right until society normalizes it.

Jenna did a meet and greet in 2016 to raise money for a young girl who was battling with Cancer.

Back in 2016, Former first lady Melania Trump was seen wearing a jacket quoting “I Do Not Care, Do You?” to visit a shelter where the children of immigrants were temporarily getting home. Jenna stated her solidarity to the immigrant children and wore a jacket quoting ‘I Do Care, Do You?’ to protest against Melania’s stand on the immigrant issue.

Jenna’s Personal Life

  • Jenna Ortega likes to keep her private life hidden. As per now, no statement of being in courtship was announced by the actress.
  • Jenna stated her gratitude to her family. She stated how she is grateful to her parents and her siblings
  • Jenna Ortega is very connected with her roots. Along with English, Jenna speaks Spanish really well
  • Jenna is very active on social media. She has posted several content on Instagram and Tiktok
  • Jenna Ortega’s zodiac sign is Libra
  • Jenna Ortega stated how her school life was not normal. Due to the financial condition of her family, she could not cope up with the school culture such as attending prom and graduation


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