Rihanna Makes A Comeback After Getting Pregnant

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Pop Queen Rihanna made a big comeback on stage with her most awaited Super Bowl 2023 halftime show. She made an unannounced promise that she might not come back on stage a few years ago. But now Rihanna is back and has her fans talking about her getting pregnant. 

About Rihanna

Robyn Rihanna Fenty, known by her stage name Rihanna is a Barbadian singer. With the record of selling 250 million records worldwide, she has been in the chart of the second best-selling female artists.

Rihanna started her music career in 2005 when she auditioned for Evan Rogers. She released her first album in 2005, inspired by Caribbean music. In 2017, Rihanna received worldwide acknowledgment when she released her third album ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ Her song ‘Umbrella’ became a hot number in the music charts throughout the world. She received her first ever Grammy Award for ‘Umbrella’ Since then she did not look back and continued to grow her career. The sensation has collaborated with various artists including Shakira, Drake, Eminem, and many more.

Apart from being an artist, the star owns a makeup brand and clothing line. Fenty Beauty was founded by Rihanna back in 2017. Her clothing line Fenty was founded in 2019 under LVMH. Rihanna is the first Black woman who owns an independent clothing line under LVMH.

Rihanna is the owner of the humanitarian foundation called ‘The Clara Lionel Foundation. Her foundation works in ensuring education and eradicating world hunger.

Super Bowl 2023 Halftime Show

The Super Bowl is an American Football NFL playoff game that decides which team will hold the cup.

In the 2023 playoffs, the Philadelphia Eagles played against the Kansas City Chiefs. Kansas City Chiefs won the match against Philadelphia Eagles by a margin of 38-35.

Rihanna Comes Back After Getting Pregnant

Rihanna came back on stage after five years of being on hiatus. The last time she performed was in 2018. The reason for her not performing on stage was unknown until she surprised everyone with her electromagnetic performance in the Super Bowl HalfTime show. She appeared on stage in an escalator. It was apparent how pregnant Rihanna actually is seeing that baby bump.

In the span of 13 minutes, Rihanna performed a dozen of her songs. Most of her favourites were listed in the playlist. Rihanna is more focused on being a businesswoman lately. Two back-to-back pregnancies have given her a little time to do a factory reset on her music career.

Pregnancy Announcement

Rihanna has been in a relationship with rapper ASAP Rocky since 2020. The couple gave birth to their first child in May 2022.

While RiRi was performing on the escalator, she took off her jacket to flaunt her baby bump, which made her let the world know about her 2nd pregnancy.

Fans and existing supporters become excited to see her unexpected pregnancy announcement.

Why was Rihanna not paid for the performance?

The internet broke down when they heard Rihanna was not getting paid for her Super Bowl performance. While everyone was bashing the NFL for not paying Rihanna, the authorities decided to answer.

The NFL does not pay separately to the artists who perform in the halftime show. They cover the production and other things associated with the show.

Rihanna was not paid directly for her appearance cost. She received a union cost, which is a bare minimum for the artists.

A NFL associate spilled the tea about artists not getting paid for their appearance in the SuperBowl. Usually it is done for marketing purposes. Some of them believe that performing in the SuperBowl gives them an exposure to their career.

Launching new makeup product

Rihanna launched a new makeup product she wore while performing at the Super Bowl. The red lipstick she was wearing was her new product. The shade is called MVP, which is currently available on her website.

Other artists’ reaction

Rihannas’ comeback performance garnered mixed reviews. Lots of her fellow artists praised her performance, and some even criticized her heavily.

Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal bashed the critics for criticizing Rihanna. On his weekly podcast, Shaq congratulated and praised Rihannas’ performance and told the critics to shut their mouths.

British singer Adele got amused by Rihanna’s performance. She also congratulated RiRi on her second pregnancy.

WWE legend Bill Goldberg was clearly not happy with Rihannas’ performance on the halftime show. Bill bashed Rihanna claiming this is the worst she could ever perform on stage.

Fans accused Rihanna for lip syncing on her songs. They were mad at Rihanna for not directly singing. Few of the posts on social media were full of accusing Rihanna for not singing and doing the worst ever lip syncing.

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