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Netflix has added a bunch of new movies last month and we’re here to review them. Today’s pick is The Wonder on Netflix. How good is this movie? Let’s find out today on ent.place!

The Wonder On Netflix


The Wonder is a psychological period drama movie based on the namesake book. 

Elizabeth ‘Lib’ Wright, a British nurse who worked in the Crimean War before, was hired to observe a girl in 1862 in the rural area of Ireland.  

The subject of her observation is a little girl named Anna O’Donnell. Along with Sister Michael, Dr. McBreathy, Priest Father Thaddeus, town elder Sir Otway and local landlord John Flynn whom she has to report the observation. 

Lib was told that Anna’s condition is not deteriorating despite not eating anything for months. This creates a lot of confusion in her mind. Anna’s wonderful story gets the attention of the Daily Telegraph reporter William Byrne. He comes to make Anna his subject to feature in the news. 

Lib enters the house and meets with the O’Donnell family. The family is very religious and tells Lib that she has been consuming ‘Manna’ from heaven. She forms a good friendship with Anna and gives her a cute nickname called ‘Nan’. Meanwhile, Ann shares her fear of being in hell. This hurts Lib as she wonders why a little child would think like this. 

Lib observes that the O’Donnell family pray with Anna before going to bed. She also notices some disturbing things such as Rosaleen, Anna’s mother kissing her on her mouth. Lib calls the family out in the room for their behavior. Father Thaddeus scolds Lib but she remains strong in her opinion. Lib asks Dr McBreathy for help but he does not offer any. Rather he says that Anna may be practicing photosynthesis.

Due to the superstition practices, Anna’s condition gets worse. For helping Anna, William publishes the report in the news making Anna’s family a murderer. Knowing the truth, Lib becomes desperate to save Anna. Lib tries to force feed her to make her condition better. Anna refuses to eat anything as she has made Malachy, her brother, promise her not to remind her to eat. 

Anna also reveals that the ‘Manna’ she was eating was the chewed food her mother gave her through kissing. The reason why Anna was not eating is because she was groomed to believe that she was the chosen one from ‘God’ to save her older brother’s life. Anna’s older brother was groomed to rape her repeatedly. Before he could do much worse, Anna’s older brother died of a mysterious illness. Anna’s mother Rosaleen believes that Anna has been a curse to her son and she must sacrifice herself to save her brother being damned in hell. 

Lib tries to expose Rosaleen to the council but no one believes her. Sister Michael testifies against Lib saying she has not seen Rosaleen giving Anna mouth feeding her. 

Father Thaddeus says that he will perform a mass in the memory of Anna. That’s when Lib makes her move. She plans to escape with Anna and William to save her life.

The Wonder ending explained: How is Anna surviving without food? | Radio Times

Lib brought Anna to a well saying to leave the past life behind and start living as ‘Nan’. Anna releases her past self by visioning her departure. Lib feeds Anna and orders William to take her away. After that, she returns to the house and puts Laudanum under Anna’s bed. Then she sets the whole building on fire. This is how she saves Anna from dying. 

Later, Lib tells everyone that Anna had a natural death and the fire was caused by her when Lib accidentally knocked over a lamp. Lib was freed from all obligations. Suddenly, Sister Michael calls Lib and tells her that she knows about the escape. Sister Michael saw Anna and William eloping on a horseback.

The movie ends when the trio, Lib, William and Nan reunite in Berlin. Lib starts her own family with them and boards on a ship which will sail to Sydney, Australia. Lib names her family Cheshire and lives happily ever after in Sydney.

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Cast And Direction 

Due to the plot based on an area in Ireland, the casts are Irish and British actors. Young sensation Florence Pugh is the protagonist of the movie. 

The Wonder stands no chance against Florence Pugh | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

Along with Florence, Tom Burke, Niamh Algar, Elaine Cassidy, Kila Lord Cassidy and Ciaran Hinds also play significant roles in this movie. 

Florence Pugh is portraying the role of Elizabeth ‘Lib’ Wright, the nurse. Tom Burke plays William Byrne. The mother-daughter duo Eliane and Kila Lord Cassidy play the same role they play in real life. Elaine Cassidy is Rosaleen O’Donnell and her daughter Killa Cassidy is Anna O’Donnell. Niamh Algar plays the role of Kitty. Ciaran Hinds is Father Thaddeus in the movie. 

The movie was directed by Sebastian Lelio who is more known for directing foreign language movies. This movie is actually based on Emma Donoghue’s namesake novel. For the movie, Emma and Alice Birch have co-written the screenplay. 

Ratings And Reviews 

After the release of this movie, the casts were flattered by the praise they received from the audience. Florence Pugh’s performance in the movie was loved by all. She is mostly known for being a perfectionist and she did not disappoint this time. 

Based on the reviews of social media and review websites, the movie has received positive reviews mostly. Biggest review critics Rotten Tomatoes have given the movie 84% ratings based on 98 critics reviews. IMDB rated the movie 7.3 out of 10 based on 31 general reviews. 

Movie Trivia 

The movie was filmed in Dublin, Ireland. Due to the original plot based in the country, Director Leilo wanted to showcast the origins to make the place more realistic. 

This movie first premiered in the Telluride Film Festival. Before releasing it to Netflix, the movie was released in selected theatres. 

Kila Lord Cassidy, daughter of Elaine, made her debut through this film. Kila is only 13 years old. Due to her being ‘not adult enough’, she can not watch her movie until she is 15.

Thanks to the ratings and reviews, The Wonder is surely a must watch on Netflix.

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