Avatar: The Way Of Water- The Greatest of 2022?

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After 13 years of releasing the prequel Avatar, Director James Cameron has finally released the sequel in 2022. Ever since the release it is breaking the box office worldwide. Let’s find out more about the movie.

Avatar: The Way Of Water 2022

The Plot

Jake And Sully’s New Life

Jake Sully starts a family with Neytiri and gives birth to children. Along with a human child, Neytiri and Jake live peacefully. In the meanwhile, the Na’vi’s concern about the human child who were unable to return to the earth.

Humans are starting to return to Pandora to colonise it. Na’vi’s created a new operation base named Bridgehead City. The humans from Quaritch transform themselves into Na’vi and transfer the memories before dying.

Mission Against Jake And Spider’s Return To Quaritch

 Jake tends to start a guerrilla campaign against RDA suppliers. Few marines resurrect as Na’vi recombinants. Quaritch counter attacks Jake and Neytiri which lead them to free their children. Quaritch recognizes Spider as his son. Spider tells Quaritch about the life of Na’vi which concerns him. 

Jake senses his danger which could be caused by Spider due to spilling the rules of Na’vi traits. Jake and Neytiri leave Omaticaya and take shelter in Metkaniya along with Loak and Kiri. The family learns more about the Metkaniya culture. Kiri and Loak develop friendship with nature and the children of the Metkaniya Clan.

Chaos In Metkaniya

Lo’ak gets into a fight with Tsireya’s brother, Aonung. Lo’ak collapses into a sea predator as punishment by Aonung’s other friends. A Tulkun saves Lo’ak whose name is Payakan. Payakan is a cetacean species which is also known as a symbol of the spiritual family of Metkaniya.

Mengenal Suku Bajo Asal Indonesia Yang Menginspirasi Film Avatar 2 The Way Of Water - Palima

Lo’ak apologises to Aonung for the inconvenience and tells him everything about Payakan. Aonung also tells Lo’ak that Payakan might be an outcast of the species he claims.

While Kiri is already connected to the nature of Metkaniya, she tries to connect with her mother through nature, but gets horrible seizures. Kiri’s healing process was done by Ronal.

Jake calls for help to Norm Spellman and Max Patel. In the meanwhile, Quatrich tracks where the reef people of Metkaniya live. Quatrich tries to find out the location of Jake, but he fails.

Due to rage, Quatrich commands the whaling vessel to kill all the tulkun to find Jake. Loak connects with Payakan mentally and Payakan tells that the Tulkun was outcast by the species due to killing his mother.

The Fight

Metkaniya learns about the slaughter done by Tulkun. Lo’ak warns Payakan about the exposure of the truth. He also warns both of Tsireya and Aunong.

Lo’ak and his friends see Payakan being chased by the whalers. Meanwhile, Lo’ak, Tsireya and Aunong get arrested by Quaritch. Jake, Neytiri and Metkaniya confront the humans.

Quaritch forces Jake to give up on the situation. Payakan triggers the whalers which kills most of the crew when he sees his brother in pain. Neyatam gets shot to rescue Lo’ak, Tsireya and Spider. Jake faces Quaritch when he sees Kiri being hostage to Quaritch. Neytiri does the same with Spider.

Quaritch denies the relationship with Spider at first. When Neytiri cuts the chest of Spider, it hurts Quaritch’s ego.

Acceptance In Metkaniya

Jake, Neytiri, Tuk and Quaritch get trapped in the vessel. Jake knocks Quaritch unconscious. Later, Lo’ak and Payakan rescue Jake and Kiri summons the sea to save Neytiri and Tuk.

Spider finds Quaritch and rescues him as well, but he disowns Quaritch due to his cruelty. After that, Spider reunites with Jake and starts living with his family.

Jake performs Neytam’s funeral. Jake announces his leave to The chief of Metkaniya, Tonowari and Renal. Tonowari offers to include Jake to be a part of his clan, and Jake gladly accepts it.

Jake keeps fighting human invaders in their world and lives happily by the sea with his family.

Cast and Directors

Even though all the casts of this movie are humans, there was a category among Na’vi’s and Human characters. 

Each of the Na’vi’s were acted by different experienced actors. 

Some of the significant roles of Na’vi’s portrayed by humans are : 

  • Kate Winslet as Ronal, who is the Chief of Metkaniya, also Tonowari’s wife
  • Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, the protagonist of the movie
  • Zoe Saldana as Neytiri, Jake’s wife
  • Sigourney Weaver as Kiri, Neytiri’s adopted daughter
  • Stephen Lang as Colonel Miles Quaritch
  • Britain Dalton as Lo’ak, Jake and Neytiri’s son 
  • Cliff Curtis as Tonowari, Chief of Metkaniya

Kate Winslet Says She Took 2021 Off to 'Reset' and 'Be with My Family'

Significant human characters of Avatar 2022 are:

  • Jack Champion as Spider, Quatrich’s son
  • Joel David Moore as Dr Norm Spellman
  • Deelep Rao as Dr Max Patel

James Cameron has directed and written the movie. He has also produced the movie with Jon Landau.

Movie Trivia 

  • Back in 2006, James Cameron said that if he gets the success from the first part of Avatar which was released in 2009, he will release the other parts of Avatar. 
  • Avatar will come in 5 parts. The first part in 2009 had two parts. The Way of Water is the second edition of the movie. 
  • The Way of Water was supposed to be released in 2014. Due to the rapid improvement of technology, James had to use those devices to improve the quality of the movie by rewriting the story. 
  • Avatar : The Way of Water is one of the most expensive movies of all time. With a budget of 400$ million dollars, the movie will reach its milestone within a week according to critics. 
  • According to James, all the characters are aware of what happens at the end of the movie. They are all set to perform according to scripts. 
  • Total screen time of the movie is 3 hours.

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More To Come?

John Landau and James Cameron have already given a sneak peak of the 3rd and 4th part of Avatar. 

John already said that 95% of the work of the 3rd part of Avatar is done. He also added the first scene of 4th part is done as well. If everything goes well then the duo will announce the release date of the 3rd part within a year or two. 

Box Office Update

The movie was released on 16th December. As per 17th December, in North America the movie has earned 150$ million dollars. The estimated income of the movie is expected to cross 500$ million dollars by the end of the year. 


The Weeknd made the movie’s music composition and voiced for a few songs as well. Who could’ve done it better?

Billboard Music Awards Nominees: The Weeknd Leads With 17 Nominations – The Hollywood Reporter


Ratings and Reviews

Every critic website has claimed the movie is the best movie of 2022. Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritics, Cinemascore and PostTrack have given the movie above 80% positive review. 

According to the reviewers of Rotten Tomatoes, Avatar : The Way of Water has a stunningly refreshing view from the previous part. Metacritics reviewers have described the movie as an impressive use of technology with no extra lengthy story.

Social apps are blown away with the excessive use of hashtags. Under the hashtag #avatarthewayofwater, it has over 20 thousand reviews on Twitter. Other artists of different industries over the world have praised James Cameron and his direction. 

The movie has been released worldwide and encaptivated fans. Major theatres of several countries are reeling the movie.


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