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Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle get candid on a Netflix document named Harry and Meghan. This is the first time Prince Harry appeared on something commercial. 

More or less, we all know what exactly happened in the Royal House and the execution of Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle from the Royal House. Let’s dig into the article for more tea.

Introduction of Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex is a member of the British Royal Family. He was born to Princess Diana and Prince Charles. He is 5th on the line of succession of the British Throne.

Harry has served in the British Army for 10 years from 2005 to 2015. He served in Afghanistan in 2007-2008 for 10 weeks in Helmand province.

Harry is married to American actress, Meghan Markle. They got married in 2018. They have a son and a daughter.

Rachel Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex is an American member of British Royal Family also a former actress. She is known for her work in the drama series, Suits. Rachel Zane was Meghan’s most discussed and significant role in her acting career.

Meghan was married once in 2011 which ended in 2014. She owned two clothing lines and used to have a significant presence on social media. Meghan had to retire from her acting profession in order to be a British Royal Member.

About Harry And Megan On Netflix

Nothing had been hidden about how the royal family reacted when Harry was marrying someone from the showbiz. Still, the royal couple decided to reveal more about the toxic side of the British Royal Family.

The docu-series has a total of six volumes. So far, two of the volumes have been released.


In episode one, Harry and Meghan went candid about the beginning of their relationship. Harry also talks about his relationship with his mother Princess Diana. He also mentioned the aftereffects of her death in Harry’s life.

In episode two, Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland talks about the impacts on Harry and Meghan’s relationship. Doria also said how both Meghan and she have been accused of their race.

In episode three, Harry and Meghan discussed their engagement and making their relationship public. Meghan talked about her unresolved daddy issues.

Meghan also stated that she does not have any contact with her half sister Samantha Markle but her daughter Ashley Hale. Ashley has stated her strong bonding with Auntie Meghan plays a significant role in her life.

In episode four, Harry and Meghan tell of their fairytale wedding. They also shared their issue with moving into the Nottingham Cottage. Meghan also opens up about her suicidal thoughts she had while dealing with the royalties and how the royals declined her request of seeking help from therapists.

In episode five, Harry and Meghan talk about filing a lawsuit against Daily Mail for leaking the letter Meghan wrote to her father. Harry also talked about how he was declined to not to have a conversation with Her Majesty the Queen. Harry also added the reason for leaving the palace and their title. Meghan talks about the threats she received online.

In episode six, Harry and Meghan talk about their beginning days in the USA. While they were sorting everything in the USA after they flew from Canada. Meghan added the bullies she faced by her friends when they talked about the letter Meghan wrote to her father.

Harry adds up the inconveniences the couple faced when they attended Prince Phillip’s funeral.

Agreement With Netflix

Both Harry and Meghan secretly signed the contract with Netflix. Until December 1, none of them were allowed to tell the media about the docu series. The deal was signed way back in 2020. The documentary was rated as the highest rated UK show of 2022 in Netflix.

The docu series was directed by Liz Garbus. The shoot of the documentary happened in the couple’s mansion located in Montecito, California.

Review and Ratings

Rotten Tomatoes was pretty harsh regarding the documentary. Rating only 43% based on 27 reviews, the website said there was unnecessary bragging about the open secret. Metacritics also rated the documentary a hideous 49 out of 100.

Viewers of the documentary have mixed reviews on this. While some of them were interested in the inside of the Royal Family, others think the couple is trying to sell off the royals to the media for earning some money.

Response of the Royal Family

The Royal Family was not happy with Harry and Meghan being so candid about the inside of their lives. The couple who are currently residing in California are not invited to Prince Charles’s coronation.

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