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Lately, Daemon Targaryen AKA Matt Smith has gained enormous attention throughout the world. People have been wooing over him ever since the first episode of the premier of House of the Dragon. But who actually is he? Here’s everything you need to know about Matt Smith.

Everything About Matt Smith

Born as Matthew Robert Smith, his presence in the industry has fascinated the people for over years. He became an actor while majoring in Theatre and Drama studies at University of East Anglia. Matt has been active in the industry since 2003. He started his career as a Theatre actor, later got his breakthrough at the age of 26. He’s British and was born in Northampton, Northamptonshire.

Journey with TV Shows

Breakthrough In Doctor Who

Matt got his first breakthrough in Doctor Who. He joined the cast as the eleventh edition of the Doctor in Doctor Who. He stayed in the series from 2010-2013.

Prince Phillip in The Crown

Matt auditioned for the role of young Prince Phillip in the series The Crown. The plot of the series is actually based on the Royal Family and how they treated Princess Diana.

Matt played as young Prince Phillip. He played his role for the first two seasons. His role in the series brought him a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award as a supporting actor.

Getting Famous Through House Of The Dragon

The moment when the first episode aired, Matt was drowning in appreciation for his work. His character Daemon Targaryen has become the most favourite character in the series. Matt humbly appreciates all the support and love his fans have given him.

Daemon Targaryen to Bae-mon Targaryen

After the first episode release, the internet has been swooning over Matt. From giving him cute nicknames to lurking over his social media, fans have done it all.

Despite Daemon Targaryen being an anti-hero in the series, somehow to people he has become a heroic persona. Director Ryan Condol does not get why his anti-heroic charisma would take the fans over.

The answer is his charismatic performance and drool worthy expressions has made the viewers thirst over him. Another thing the internet claims is the fascination for villains has helped him accomplish the recognition.

From Aspiring Soccer Player To Actor

Matt always wanted to be a Soccer player since his teenage. He used to play Soccer in school. Due to a severe back injury, he left Soccer.

One of his teachers inspired him to be an actor. He gives credit to his drama teacher for aspiring him to choose this profession who used to come and see every play Matt played.

Film & Theatre

Appearing in Sony’s Spider-Man Spinoff

Sony Pictures announced that they will make a spinoff film of Spider-man Universe, Morbius, back in 2019. Matt played as Milo, a living vampire in the film. Initially he was supposed to play supervillain Loxias Crown/Hunger.

The film was released in April of this year’s April. The spinoff didn’t exactly spin off in the box office but Matt received positive reviews for his acting.

Successful Career In Theatre

Matt has done many plays at the theatre. He did his first play in 2003 where has starred as Thomas Becket in Murder In The Cathedral. He also appeared in The Master and Margarita, On the Shore of the Wide World.

Matt even played the theatre version of Patrick Bateman in the musical adaptation of American Psycho. He was last seen on theatre in 2019.

Footsteps In Film

Matt isn’t much seen in films. He was casted in Ryan Gosling’s directorial film Lost River. For the character he went bald.

His directory debutant was a short film Cargese which aired on Sky Airs.He was also casted in Terminator Genisys of ‘Terminator’ franchise. Last night in Soho was his last film project.

Leaving A Spot On Music Videos

He’s a core lover of good music. He appeared in two music videos. British Singer and former founder of the band ‘Oasis’ Noel Gallagher’s band ‘High Flying Birds’ casted him in two of their music videos.

Matt previously stated his love for Oasis. When this offer was brought on the table, he could not resist. He says that working with Noel Gallagher was a dream come true for him. Seeing his childhood idol in reality definitely gave him an adrenaline rush.

Sneak Peek Into His Personal Life

Matt Smith’s birthday is on 28th October. For the horoscope nerds out there, he is a Scorpio. He currently resides in his birthplace Northampton.

Matt Smith is currently single. He was in a courtship with British actress, Lily James. They, however, ended the bonding in 2019.

As an avid soccer lover, he is a supporter of Blackburn Rovers. He loves being connected to music as well. Radiohead and Oasis are two of his favourite bands. He claims that Radiohead has been an inspiration for him.

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