How to get the best possible start on Fallout 76?

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Released in 2018, Fallout 76 definitely doesn’t rank well like some of its ancestors like Fallout: New Vegas. If you’re thinking of starting the game or wanna replay it, you want the best possible start for Fallout 76. Since it’s an online prequel this time, starting the game out might be a little confusing even for more seasoned Fallout players. But hey, why worry at all when you by your side, right? We got you covered with our guide on starting out the smoothest way possible for Fallout 76.

The Plot

Staying true to its legacy, you’ll run into quite the mess right at the beginning of the game. The plot is set in Appalachia (which comprises the former state of West Virginia) which is now devastated thanks to the fallout. 25 years after the Great War, the doors are now open for the dwellers of Vault 76. The overseer has instructed them to leave the vault and repopulate what remains of Appalachia. You are one of the many dwellers who represent Vault 76. However, you are curious about the whereabout of the overseer and so you set out to reunite with her.

Who is the overseer?

The Vault 76 overseer (or simply, the overseer) is the former leader of Vault 76. Every vault of the Fallout era had an overseer who would look over the operations of the vault and the well-being of its residents. In order to address a mission by Vault-Tec, she left the vault in 2102 prior to Reclamation Day. She returned next year and reunited with the settlers of Vault 76 in Appalachia.

Best Start on Fallout 76


What makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L? Yes, we’re talking about Perks. Perks are bonus points you get each time you level up in the game. Each time you get a perk, you can allocate it any of the categories in S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Along with the explanation of all of the perks, we’re naming some of the perks that are ideal for beginners.

  • S (Strength): Your raw physical power. It also affects how much you can carry in your inventory. Every point in strength is 5% more melee damage you deal. Some good strength perks are: Traveling Pharmacy and Pack Rat.
  • P (Perception): Perception is your awareness of nearby threats and your weapon accuracy in VATS. Some good perception perks include: Concentrated Fire, Crack Shot and Butcher’s Bounty.
  • E (Endurance): This is your overall physical fitness. It affects your total HP, your AP drain from sprinting as well as your resistance to the many diseases out there in Appalachia. Dromedary is a perk I would highly recommend.
  • C (Charisma): Helps you lead and help others. It affects your prices with vendors as well as the ability to convince NPCs to have things your way. You should really equip either the Inspirational or Lone Wonderer perk depending on whether you’re playing in a team or playing alone.
  • I (Intelligence): Your ability to hack terminals, durability of items that you craft and what you get from scrapping all depend on Intelligence. It also gives you more experience points from actions and completing missions. First Aid is a must-have perk since it allows Stimpaks to restore more health. The Scrapper perk will help you obtain more components, so it’s highly recommended as well.
  • A (Agility): It determines the number of action points in VATS and your ability to sneak. Action Boy and Born Survivor are two of the best perks for beginners.
  • L (Luck): Luck is the rate of recharge of critical hits as well as the condition and durability of items that you find. Pharma Farma and Scrounger will help you loot for Chems and Ammo for your journey.

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Players should definitely invest their points into each of these according to their own playstyle. You should really determine what sort of a build you’re going for in your playthrough. If you’re going for a melee build, for example, you might want to invest heavily into your strength.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Complete the quest “Wayward Souls” as fast as you can which comes right after “Reclamation Day”. Finishing this quest will you give some much needed supplies.
  2. Loot as much as you can. Loot weapons, ammo, junk, log, food, and water especially. If you’re running out of space, transfer them to your stash.
  3. Milk Brahmins since their milk replenishes both your food and water metre. It also increases your HP for a short duration and cures rads.
  4. Scrap duplicate weapons in order to get their mods.
  5. Make sure you rank up cards when you have multiples of them.
  6. You can fast travel to camps of other players in order to reach a nearby destination more quickly.

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Fallout, in general, is a game where you have to explore around a lot to learn stuff. I keep discovering new things in the game even now even though I’ve been playing Fallout for years now. So, just like every other game, the most important part is to keep exploring and making sure you have fun while you’re at it!

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