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Netflix recently premiered a Dutch origin movie, The Takeover on 4th November. How does the movie take over? Let’s find out on our review of The Takeover on Netflix.

The Takeover on Netflix

The Plot

16 year old Mel Bandison gets caught while hacking into the military system to avoid a noise bug. Fellow professional hacker, Buddy, catches Mel and explores her potential. While working under Buddy, Mel improvises her skills and excels in the profession.

Being an Online Robin Hood, Mel brings out the corruption of the organisations and transfers the money to the original company. Being a tech expert by day and an indie hacker by night, she was living her life. During work, she notices a bug in a bus and blocks the pipeline by the hacker.

While she was out on a date with a guy named Thomas, not knowing any consequences of the future, she goes after it.

Saving Herself From The Disaster

This act of impulsiveness has brought danger for Mel. She gets blackmailed by a mysterious organisation. A British man named Roger and his organisation frames her by releasing a fake video where it was showing that Mel is shooting a man.

When Mel enters the bus, she puts her face to scan and that’s how Rogermax, the hacker company got the evidence to use Mel’s face in the video. Understanding what they were up to, Mel tries to enter the server room to eradicate the face scan.

Due to excellent editing skills, Mel almost fails to prove the video fake. The video was sent to Dutch police which leads them to Mel. Not knowing what will happen in future, Mel seeked for her mentor Buddy’s help. Buddy cracks the code and finds out it was Xiao Ming, a Chinese company which helped Roger’s organisation. This bus was made to collect face scans to frame anyone. Knowing what Mel’s plan was, Thomas disagreed with her and surrendered to the police.

Meanwhile, Mel and Roger get into a fight to distract the passengers of the bus. Police came and arrested Mel. Detective Daoudi, a police officer, was investigating Mel. Mel tells him how Roger was trying to frame her. Listening to everything, Daoudi promises to help her.

Suddenly the bus catches on fire. Soon, the fire gets out of control. Mel tells the Detective that she can stop the fire all by herself. Asking all of her hacker friends to help Mel, none of them could actually help her due to lack of a device.

Suddenly, Thomas calls Mel and says he is in Buddy’s car. Mel tells him to find a transmitter which is Buddy’s. Connecting the car with the bus, Mel prevents a mess by stopping the bus on time.

Proving Her Innocence

While Mel stops the upcoming disaster, she is still charged for killing a man. Mel hacks the bus’s security system and shows the police about the face scan. Police run a match to both videos and prove Mel innocent.

Roger’s Arrest

Eventually, Roger confesses everything to the police and gets arrested. Roger was working for the Chinese government. He was set to sell the information to them in order to receive a huge amount of money.

Mel and Buddy’s Platonic Relationship?

Mel and Buddy share a deep platonic relationship. Buddy being her mentor, he sends a message to Mel saying how proud he is of her. Buddy says how he has created a hub for Mel to get the desired target and change the world as he wants.

What Happens To Thomas?

In the end of the movie, The universe gives another chance to Thomas and Mel. The couple was seen sharing a romantic glance with each other while walking together. Their first meet was rocky, but eventually things fall into its desired place.

Cast and Director

Holly Mae Brood plays Mel Brandison. Geza Weisz got the role of Thomas Deen. Frank Lammers is Buddy Benschot in the movie. Lawrence Sheldon is the villain of the movie who plays Rogers. Walid Benmbarek is Detective Daoudi. Most of the cast are Dutch.

The movie is directed by Dutch director Annemarie Van De Mond. The Script of the movie was written by Hans Erik Kaan and Tjis Van Marle.

The movie is of Dutch language. The movie also provides subtitles and voice overs in English, German, Swedish, Arabic, Korean and Greek.


The movie falls into three genres. Action scenarios classified the movie in the Action genre. Crime scenes justify the crime genre. Thriller and suspense categories the movie to the thriller genre. Overall, this movie is a perfect combination of how a thriller suspense movie should be.

Ratings and Reviews

IMDB rates the movie 6.7 out of 10. While Rotten Tomatoes received only one review and it marks the movie 88%. Leisurebyte went harsh with the ratings. The site rated the movie 1.5 out of 5 saying it was absolute garbage.

Vague visages were generous with the rating. The movie passed with a 4 out of 5 ratings. Vague also stated that this movie is a great movie compared to other Dutch thriller movies. The movie is about 87 minutes long. Not having anything extra outrageous scenes, one can easily finish the movie in one go.

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Fans Take on The Takeover on Netflix

Foreign language contents rarely get glorified on Netflix unless the plot is really good. After the Spanish series such as La Casa Del Papel and Elite, other countries and contents of foreign language also started getting recognition.

As this Dutch movie is a new addition to Netflix, fans have given a positive response to the movie. Holly Mae Boond being a known face to the viewers, the movie gained some attention as per se.

Fans loved the plot of a modern day hacker’s story. Aspiring hackers who do this quite regularly, they were delighted to see their profession being represented in a big screen as Netflix.

The Dutchies were extremely content with their industry getting worldwide recognition.

The Takeover is also available in the cinemas.

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