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It has been almost a month since Netflix spilled the tea about their new series named Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. The tea is still pouring into the cups of social media and needless to say, it has raised an enormous amount of steam to people’s newsfeed.

Netflix released the series on 21st September and ever since then it has gained fame for being the ninth most watched show on this streaming platform. Evan Peters, the protagonist, who is known for his gigs in American Horror Story was the main attraction of this show. Along with Evan, Niecy Nash, Richard Jenkins and Kieran Tamondong has also been casted to play various roles in this series.

The Plot

The plot is based on 90’s notorious American serial killer, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer. From 1978 to 1991, he has murdered and dissected 17 young men and boys who were mostly Black, Brown and Latinos.

Nobody could ever know what was the reason for him being a mentally unstable person. According to his statements in the court and interviews, his dad had an interest in dissecting animals. Hence he attained the curiosity of acknowledging human intestines.

As a child, Jef grew up in a scattered home. His parents settled for a divorce when he was 17 years old. He used to live with his grandmother at that time. At her place, the murder and dissecting first took place. It increased when he got his own place.

While Dahmer was about to make his 18th murder, Tracy Edwards, one of his surviving victims reported to police about the heinous act he was performing inside his house. Dahmer himself invited the police inside his house.

When they were checking his house, they found some disturbing pictures of dissecting body parts. After thorough investigation, the police found 7 human skulls, several dissected human intestines and half cut bodies of the corpses.

While he was interrogated by the police officers, he admitted to eating body parts of the corpses.

Jef was sentenced to 17 consecutive sentences calculating the age of the victims which makes 940 years. He was also accused of sexually assulting an underaged Laotian boy, later he murdered his younger brother who was just 14 years old at that time.

Jef Dahmer was killed by Christopher Scarver, another inmate who was serving with Dahmer in 1994. Before Jef was killed, he was baptised and became a believer. Scarver took a 20 inches metal rod to stab Jef till his last breath.

Sexually identified as gay, his victims were male. Male body fascinated him the most as per his statement.

Our Review

The show has 95% resemblance with the original plot. Since it is a nonfiction story, there is not much to change. Keeping the original plot in mind, the show was very exquisite. From cinematography to acting, everything was top notch.

However, there are some graphic scenes which may cause disturbance to the viewers. The show is rated 18+ for the viewers.

Serial killer stories are not unfamiliar in the entertainment industry. Many directors have already worked with similar scripts. Jeffrey Dahmer’s story is something unique which will make you question yourself.

The directors have done a great job with choosing the plot. Selecting Evan Peters as protagonist was the best choice in my opinion. No other actor could portray this spine chilling character in the way Peters has portrayed.

The casting director deserves a big round of applause for selecting the perfect cast for The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Each and every character has almost indistinguishable features with nonfictional characters.

Apart from the applause, Netflix has faced few setbacks. The family of the victims were depressed to see their stories on screen. Some of them have not healed from the lifelong trauma yet.

Shirley Hughes, mother of Tony Hughes who was a victim of Dahmer expressed her anger to Netflix. She said Netflix should have at least contacted them.

Southone Sinthasomphone, father of Konerak Sinthasomphone who was the youngest victim of Dahmer has not recovered from his son’s insufferable loss. The Laotian said how hard it is to not to think about him everyday. He says that he does not want any profit from the show, he just wishes the company has taken permission from his family.

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Last Nail on the Coffin

If you are a fan of serial killer documentaries, this show may gain your attention. Watching this show for the hype may disgust you at first, but slowly you will understand the actual reason behind it. This show is not child friendly. Spare your child from watching this show.

The cinematography of this show will keep you hooked. This is the type of show which will make you finish it in one go. The episodes will clench your soul to urge for more.

It is better to watch this show in a sane mindstate. We will not recommend watching this show if you are struggling with mental health problems. Some of the viewers may face PTSD, trauma and possible nightmares.

The series shows many violence, assault and crime scenes. These scenarios could be disturbing for the viewers and may trigger their mind.

No one should malpractice the graphic scenes from this show as this can arise severe social issues. Shows like these never inspire the civilians to act upon likewise. As they say, curiosity kills the cat, so be mindful before killing the cat.

In the meantime, The show gained some fanbase who shower their love to the series. This series became a skyrocket for Evan Peters’ career. He already has a huge fan following. As much as his fans loved this show, new viewers have also become his fans. The series helped him in gaining some more fans. Other actors were also praised for their efforts for this show.

Enlisted as Netflix’s one of the most viewed shows, it goes undeniable that this series will keep the social media and portal to create more topics to write about. Have you watched The Jeffrey Dahmer Story yet?

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