Why is Kanye West banned on social media?

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Kanye West, former husband of real life celebrity Kim Kardashian has been in discussion back and forth due to his ‘Interesting’ activities on social media. Recently, the social media activities of Kanye West caught the eyes of the Twitter and Instagram authorities leading him to getting banned.

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Causing the Controversy

It is not unknown that Kanye West has bipolar disorder and he has already been diagnosed with it. Recently, his statement on Anti semitism seems to piss people off. He said that rapper Diddy is being controlled by Jewish people.

In the recent Paris Fashion Week, Kanye was seen wearing a hoodie with the quote ‘White Lives Matter’ which seems to be triggering the entire community. He also said that he’d go
‘defcon 3 on jewish people’ causing him the restriction on social media.

He has over 18 million followers on Instagram and around 32 million followers on Twitter. Both platforms have marked his tweets as violating policy issues and removed those tweets.

Changing his Stage Name

Keeping the same username on socials, Kanye has changed his stage name to Ye from Kanye.

Friends confirming about his mental health issues

According to close sources, Kanye has been facing troubles with sleep. They say he is barely getting any sleep and probably having a psychiatric episode. They also claim this is the worst he has ever been.

Brands Cancelling on Him

The brands Kanye West collaborated with are cancelling him for his odd behaviour especially after being banned on social media. Adidas has already cancelled his sneakers deal with him.

GAP has terminated their partnership with him. His brand Yeezy will no longer be working with them. GAP and Yeezy had two years of strong partnership.

JP Morgan has expressed their solidarity with GAP and Adidas which lead them to cancel their strong relationship with Kanye.

Due to his behaviour brands has been cancelling him and expressed that they no longer want to work with him.

Is Kanye dating again?

There has been a hush hush around paparazzi’s that Kanye may be dating again. Recently, he was seen with a mystery woman in Giorgio Baldi in California. They were riding together in Kanye’s car. Although there has been no confirmation yet, chances are that the rumours may be true.

Preparation for 2024 Presidential Run

As he has already fired his existing team, he is looking for new people to hire again. He said he is preparing himself for the 2024’s presidential run for the second time. He is currently focused on building new team and presidential work. Recently, he was seen posting a picture of a baseball cap where 2024 was written.

Kim’s Take on Kanye’s Situation

His ex-wife, Kim Kardashian has expressed her disappointment on Kanye’s behaviour. Kim says that she is exhausted from his recent activities. For quite a long time, none of them are in speaking terms right now. They only communicate through their assistants on their children’s issues.

The last time both were seen together was at their daughter North West’s basketball game. Both came separately at the event to cheer their daughter.

Kim and Kanye have 4 children altogether. The oldest child North is 9 years old. Other three followed by Psalm, Saint and Chicago West are 6, 4 and 3 years old.

Kanye’s Attack on Celebrities

Pop star and beauty mogul Rihanna has been dating artist ASAP Rocky for the last two years. They welcomed their first child this year’s May.

After their son’s birth, there was a rumour that ASAP Rocky cheated on Rihanna with Amina Muaddi, a shoe designer of Gucci. Both claimed that this is a 100% false accusation.

Kanye West claims that ASAP again cheated on Rihanna with Yoon Ahn, founder of Ambush design. He posted a picture with the caption, ‘Ambush weak. Rocky fucked Yoon’.

The couple and Yoon denied the rumour. Yoon Ahn, the Korean American who lives in Japan posted her statement on her official post claiming that Kanye’s statement tarnished her reputation.

Justin Bieber broke his friendship with Kanye for attacking his wife Hailey Bieber. Kanye called Hailey some nasty names which made the Canadian popstar furious.

Justin and Hailey have been married for 4 years now.

Not only Hailey, Supermodel Gigi Hadid, Trevor Noah, Lizzo, Ariana Grande and other celebrities have called him out on his behaviour. Vogue editor Gabriella Johnson also got attacked by Kanye as well.

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Kanye Disliking his Childrens’ Schooling

In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, Kanye said that he does not like the school his children go to. 4 of his children go to an African school. The school is diverse with African culture and practises them regularly.

Kanye said that he has compromised with the choice of school. He also said that his children should go to his school ‘Donda Academy’. He also said that the current school teaches the black kids a ‘different Kwanzaa’.

Is it a New Song Promotion?

Kanye has acted weird before his album promotion on social media. Some of the fans are thinking that it may be a song promotion. So far, this assumption made by fans seems to be false.

How are the Fans Reacting?

Kanye’s fan followers seem to be pissed at him. Last week Kanye posted a picture of his mother on Instagram before getting post restriction.

Some of the fans commented under the photo that he should start acting up now. People were even suggesting he should see a better psychiatrist.

Kanye’s recent activities seem to piss people off seriously this time. Pulling the same stunt over and over again does not seem to work this time. Basic assumptions of his behaviour could be the split up with Kim Kardashian. The rejection has affected on the artist badly.

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